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Original songs
Song TitleTimes PlayedRarity *
About an Hour Ago72137.40%
About Mr. Brown77139.99%
About You10.09%
All Because of You00.00%
All Sides10.09%
Almost Easy233.35%
Among Stars00.00%
Any Time Now100.64%
Are You for Real?101.58%
Are You Low?60.57%
Back to One7210.81%
Be Easy00.00%
Best Days10.10%
Bill and I10.05%
Black Rock91447.43%
Blues Jam30.16%
Brand New20.18%
Cabernet Jam10.39%
Can't Take It With You41.30%
Caroline the Wrecking Ball386.27%
Catching Sunlight30.82%
City on Down113358.77%
Conquering Fools33117.17%
Crowded Mind10.08%
Dangerous Connection1099.98%
Dareh Meyod62935.20%
Daylight the Dog594.72%
Delicate Few97550.62%
Dinner Last Night744.01%
Favorite Book of Poetry462.40%
Favorite Song12227.23%
Follow Me, Follow You147.07%
From My Soul00.00%
Get Away25012.97%
Give Me Something50.78%
Give Me the World124.49%
Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes10615.52%
Gotta Live172.18%
Heard the World44627.67%
Heavy Heart30.45%
Here's to You23812.34%
Hey Girl153879.77%
Hold on True1588.25%
I Don't Wanna00.00%
I Feel Home66834.74%
I Go Through21584.65%
I Got You10.18%
I Will Find You305.47%
If Only She Knew1397.30%
Inside Out223.73%
Irish Rose1019.45%
It's Alright201.27%
Just Like Paradise3960.94%
King of the Thing28414.86%
Lay Down62042.67%
Letter in My Hand160.84%
Light Switch Sky617.80%
Living in the End11310.52%
Love and Memories101580.11%
Love Is Worth the Fall222.54%
Miss You All the Time5591.67%
Missing Pieces48525.18%
Morning Sons81.11%
Mr. Moon21813.12%
Nantucket Is Gone125.17%
Nashville Girl00.00%
Nasim Joon14210.31%
New Poker Intro20.19%
Night Shift94649.07%
Not for Me111.60%
Of a Revolution00.00%
Old Man Time1467.72%
On My Way12811.63%
On Top the Cage35218.26%
One Day444.53%
One Shot27320.33%
Only Wanna Love You132.35%
Over and Over10413.42%
Pay for What We Believe30.19%
Place to Hide11626.30%
Princess Valerie201.71%
Program Director14211.01%
Ran Away to the Top of the World Today663.49%
Reach Up10.32%
Rhythm of Your Shoes504.69%
Right on Time18711.29%
Road Outside Columbus17210.38%
Sail Away392.09%
Shattered (Turn the Car Around)89992.49%
She Gone (Only in Dreams)985.16%
She Push Down10.10%
Short a Try854.56%
Skillz Jam40.26%
So Good So Far131.81%
So Moved On24712.84%
So Much20.16%
Someone in the Road1296.78%
Something Coming Over1319.51%
Summer Day00.00%
Sun Gonna Pick Me Up20.23%
Taking on the World Today659.22%
Tell Me Stories10.08%
That Was a Crazy Game of Poker170588.43%
That's Ok10.05%
The Architect625.80%
The Beauty of Creation00.00%
The Element51.19%
The Fallout474.34%
The Last Time426.01%
The Stranger15611.75%
The Wanderer24112.50%
This Town43644.49%
Three in the Morning00.00%
To Zion Goes I552.89%
Toy Store1105.72%
Tragedy in Waiting412.46%
Try Me80.80%
Turn the Page00.00%
Two Hands Up16837.33%
War Song19019.92%
Way Down Below10.05%
We All Make Mistakes00.00%
We Made It81.17%
We'll Pick Up Where We Left Off8415.14%
What Are the Odds?160.91%
What in the World00.00%
What Is Mine13012.15%
Whatever Happened685.63%
When Can I Go Home?70.38%
Who’s Knocking at Your Door?880.00%
Whose Chariot?38820.79%
Wicked Storm30.44%
Windy City Man322.27%
Woke Up an Uncle211.16%
Wonderful Day39520.88%
World Like That142.20%

* Song rarity is the percentage of shows this song has been played at since its first appearance.