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Ladanday > Freestyles

taken from 01.24.2002

oh you see this boy singing on a mountain top every single time you pass
you cannot walk by on that desert road without hearing peter's voice that lasts
night through night, he's singing words like ladanday
you wonder, you stop, what's that mean
this gibberish don't mean nothing well they say
he sings about freedom
he sings about freedom because he's all alone but he's free
and he looks down on the town below
he sees these human beings roll around in groups of five
oh some days he's jealous, he wish he'd have friends
he's just thankful he's alive
because he's free
and he sings these words all night long
some understand, some don't, but they sing along
and they say ladanday every chance that they can
every day, every night
this freedom is what we need