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Someone in the Road > Freestyles

taken from 01.21.2002

well i met him, yes i met him, yes i met him on that road
and i picked him up and i headed on down
a wise man he was, he taught me lots of things that i did not know
so i asked him, so i asked him another thing or two
i said what do you do, said what do you do
what do you do in your heart
and do you love, do you hate, do you do everything that i'd like to do from the start
and i woke up, yes i woke up one morning with this love
and i'd like to spread this thing around the world and fit the glove
and i don't feel like i'm angry and i don't feel like i hate
well i know that i've got love and i got to procreate
so i love to drink it down and i feel this thing on out
and i love to see you lonely
someone in that road so hear me now

taken from 01.18.2002

oh what do you do when someone's coming after you
you look for someone in the road
and what do you do when you see someone hanging down that side that road
do you pick them in your truck
do you head on down that road, i don't know
but do you ask them yes, do you ask them yes
do you ask them what they do
and do you feel them baby, do you feel it too
i don't know i do and i do
and i don't know what to say, don't know what to do
so i keep on moving along
well i can feel my feet no more
this sun is burning through the head no more
and my glasses burned on down my skin
my skin don't grow to my face
oh i cannot feel my feet no more
i'm walking at another pace
and i don't know just what to do when i'm told
that i see someone in the road
so i picked them up in the truck
and i am on my way and in the road