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taken from 12.29.2015

I thought I told that girl a thousand times before
But stop knock knock knock knock knocking on my door
Turn around, don't want to hear your stories frankly my love
They're starting to bore me it's like you talk about the same shit that happened you went out the door
You don't know how it happened. You, you walked your feet over there
Over there, you stared, I mean how could I care.
I used to call you on the telephone ringing, you, you used to pick up every time we singing.
And all this love song boring shit you've got to go, baby I’ve been gone
Now I’m so moved on and I’m so moved on so moved on
Done packed my shit and got gone
I am so moved on
So moved on
I’m gone

taken from 10.21.2009

I thought I told that girl a thousand times before
But she be knock, knock, knock, knocking on my door
Turn it around, and i dontwanna, don't want to see your face
you were never fun so get out of my place
i can't believe it man, i let it go this long
and you'd been running round this town behind my back for long
i'm a never ever ever gonna let this slide
in my mind i play it cool man, i just sit back recline
and keep moving man i'm living my life
planning my next move and planning my wife
and if you want to stick around maybe use a change
but not until then because the time is strange
And I'm so moved on
So moved on
Done packed my things and get gone
I am so moved on
So moved on
I'm gone

taken from 08.09.2008

I thought i told the girl a million times before
but she comes knock knock knock knocking on my door
don't wanna hear it little woman I can't hear it now
You done broke me down
And I can't believe the things that you've done
You came and gone made me on the run
You had me up in love and I was down on the ground
man i couldn't feel my feelings
man i'm all twisted around
now i don't know what to do with me
I gotta, gotta gotta do something with me
so maybe it's time that I get up and gone
or maybe it's time that i'm so moved on

taken from 11.26.2004

thought i told the girl a thousand times before
but she kept knock-knock-knock knockin at my door
i don't need it now, you best turn around
and get your ass walkin' right outta my town
i got no more time for your lies i'm bored
i got a lot more inside of me and i'm full
i've got a heart that's racing
a mind that's going and my love is filling
i'm off the road, i gotta so moved on, so moved on
you best pack your shit and get gone
i am so moved on, so moved on, i'm gone

taken from 04.23.2004

I thought i told you girl a thousand times before.
But you just knock, knock, knockin', knockin' on my door.
You best turn around and pack your bag.
You best keep walking, get out of my path.
Because i been burnin my shoes,workin my mind
thinking funky, got it down on my news.
Well now you left me, but im feeling alright, cause i got a little hottie coming out tonight
This girl is doing it for me i swear
Well i forgot everything that your there
You got nothing to say and nothing for me so stop taking shit out of my mind.
You can take my heart, have my soul, i dont need any part of you no more
So ya, ya pick up, take your bags, get gone, outta my life, get out,
cause im so moved on, so moved on, you best pack your things and get gone
so moved on, so moved on, im gone

im so moved on, your so moved on
I dont believe them lies no more
I dont believe in your life anymore
I know I love you but you can take it back
Now dont say nothing and ill hand it back
You took it all away but you gotta give it back
You little darling your not that bad
I seen girls that look just like you.
The devil comes in many ways and size too
i know it, i know it, i know i can do it, i know it,i know it, I gotta get gone
So when I see you again dont be surprised if I ignore your ass.

taken from 04.09.2002

well i been out that door a thousand time before
and you been knockin' knockin knockin' knockin' at my door
i don't wanna answer you no more
my baby doll you just lookin like an ??
i can't really promise you nothing
i can't really give you no diamond ring
i got a little money but that's all i got
a little bit of heart, so what more you want
i just want to be the man for you
but you just thinking know me what to do
you can't cheat on my heart no more
feet gone walking baby out the door
and i don't want it no more
i don't want you no more
i don't want you a no more
i'm so moved on, baby out my door baby

i seen your face lookin' at me time before
but you been lookin' lookin' lookin' lookin' up and down
you better keep moving down there down to way
i'm not gonna miss you and i'm not gonna yell
i don't want to do the thing i do sometimes
i don't like to yell at you sometimes
i love to tell you all the love today
but you don't listen to a word i say
don't want it no more
and you don't want it no more
well you don't want it a no more
and i'm so moved on, baby out that door baby