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Hey Girl > Live From Madison Square Garden

So I showed up at her door like I've done so many times before
I think I found myself, the one and only love
I tried to tell her in a song, she don't hear me
I tried to write her in a note, she wouldn't read it
Sometimes got to sit her down, write it to her eyes
Say I love you girl

I took this girl out last night, we left around twelve
We walked along these lonely streets, got to know ourselves
I like to read, she likes to write
She loves to sleep and I love to love all night
My friends say I'm crazy and I agree
But that's ok, that's the way I like to be

Hey girl come with me and let yourself go
Hey girl come with me and let yourself go

We went home later that night
I took her home later on that night, and we danced throughout the whole night
I was holding on to her, like I always do
She was holding on to me, like she used to do
Back in those days, she holded on so tight
You see but no, she don't care, please now I didn't mind
I was unaware she loved to act so kind
You see my friends say she's crazy, shit, I must agree
That's okay, that's the way I love her to be

Hey girl come with me and let yourself go
Hey girl come with me and let yourself go

She'll get you saying things, you wouldn't normally say
She'll have you doing things that you definitely wouldn't normally do
And she'll get you living a new life that you swore you would never lead, no not you
She'll do everything she says with a smile because she's beautiful to you
She's just so beautiful to you
She's damn beautiful to you
You should tell her too

Ya'll say hey, you're my girl
Hey, be my girl
And I'll live for you
I'll die for you too
I'll run to you
Because you walk for me too
And I'll speak for you
I'll let you talk for me too
My one and only girl
My one and only girl