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Irish Rose > 07.18.2007

Oh my little darlin
I love the way you walk
Tryin to tell you once
You turned away and ran away
Now I don't want to understand
I just wanna hold you up in my arms

Oh you little missie
The way you shake your thing
Got me spun around in time
I'd love to wear your ring
Now I've been waiting
Been waiting for so long

But I don't want to see you cry
Like you did that night

Oh we spent the summer
days and nights alone
Walking through the fields alive
I'll never stand alone again
Since I met you you've danced inside my heart

Every man got one lady for himself
Every man got one lady for himself
Now I got a woman who wants to treat me good
Treat me good

But I don't ever want to see her cry
Like she did that night

I spend my life beside you
If I had the choice
Well time has another idea
another voice screamin out to me
don't let her go, you should never let her go

But the doctor told me different said
Boy she gonna fade
She can't breathe anymore
Lost inside the day
But I will not let her go
never let her go.

She died on me last summer
She left me in the wind
Oh my little darlin
I miss the way you swing your thing
I love everything about you and I never let you go.

And I wont ever let you see me cry
No I won't ever let you see me cry
No I won't ever wanna see you cry
Like we did that night