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Patiently > 34th & 8th

Patiently you slipped away from me
It's not allright, you couldn't put up no fight
But patiently the well ran dry
You needed more water, you needed more
But patiently, you slipped away from me
God I want you back
Oh God I miss you my friend, oh so patiently

Patiently I went home that night
And I sat down to write
But I couldn't think of anything to write that night
Patiently, you took it all with you
The sun, the moon, the stars, I'm nothing without you
But patiently you slipped away from me
Oh God we want you back
Oh God we miss you our friend, oh so patiently

You fell into silence
I hate all this silence
It's leaving me patient
And this patience, has breeded such violence
Oh I hate all this violence
Oh God we miss you our friend
But so patiently

I'll never forget it
as long as I live
I feel that wind through the bog, out there
Picked up the phone they told me you were gone
I wish I was dreaming but I'm wide awake
And we got to her house, everybody was there
Amazes me how you can bring us all together
Patience, you leave me here
How can you expect me to thrive
Patiently, oh I wait for you
There's not life unless your alive
This patience
This patience
This patience
Is silence
This patience
This silence
Oh this silence
We love you our friend, wait so patiently
Oh so patiently
Oh so patiently
Oh so patiently
I'll give you back
Take me back
Give me back
Come on back
I know you're back
Wait for you, wait for you
We wait for you
We miss you our friend