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Album Stats
In Between Now and Then: 25%
The Wanderer: 19%
Stories Of A Stranger: 13%
Risen: 13%
Souls Aflame: 13%
Cover Songs: 13%
Any Time Now: 6%

Show Rarity: 33.89%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Bank Of America Pavilion 07.27.2005 - Boston, MA With: Pepper / The Southland
  1. Set 1:
    1. Hey Girl (Louie Louie Intro)
    2. 52-50
    3. About Mr. Brown
    4. Anyway
    5. If Only She Knew
    6. Road Outside Columbus
    7. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) ->
    8. City on Down
    9. Destination (Fire on the Mountain Tag)
    10. James
    11. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    12. Lay Down
    13. Whose Chariot?
    14. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / Blood Outro)
  2. Encore:
    1. Delicate Few
    2. Sunday Bloody Sunday
Entire show with Danny Chaimson of The Southland on keys.

Derek Gilbert
Aaron Liber

Reviews wow great was totally up all night-- especially during mr. was nice to hear james mixed in there...i personally loved starting with hey girl
i felt the behavior was not bad at all (definitely better than the puke filled april show)--i was towards the back of section 1 and it seemed like at least 100 people left after lay down?? what was up with that?
i dont know where marc was hearing about bad reviews and people not liking the show because i know in the boston globe it was critic's pick of the week and they always get good reviews. maybe i'm missing something...
but as usual-- an awesome show. i dont remember marc ever letting the crowd take over as much as he did. singing the first verse of delicate few was awesome...definitely the loudest i have ever heard a crowd get at the pavilion (during whose chariot). i can't wait for them to come back...i vote orpheum; february -Fitzy787 July 27, 2005
Great show -- crowd energy was fantastic and I couln't think of a better encore than delicate few and sunday bloody sunday. Lay Down was the only new song they played but the crowd responded really well to it. Great dance vibe all night long, solid o.a.r. performance, best that I've been to -duke20220 July 27, 2005
Great show and good crowd. People kept trying to throw glow sticks on stage during OAR, which kinda sucked. Awesome set list. The opening with Hey Girl was surprising but got the enregy from the crowd right away. Poker in the middle was good except they didn't have any kind of cool intro. First time hearing Lay Down, great song. The Southland was pretty good having never heard them before. Pepper was pretty weak although I really do like their studio albums. Can't wait to see how they put together tomorrow night's setlist! See ya there. -meparson July 27, 2005
person who said pepper was weak has no clue...pepper is def the best opener OAR has had to date. -JCole1118 July 28, 2005
i thought it was a sick show with a perfect setlist. But does anyone know what marc was talking about with the negative critics? -matt July 28, 2005
He was making reference to this article in the Boston Hearld. This was the article written after the show. -edpaffjr July 28, 2005
show was great, energy was out of control, and the crowd was really into it...not as many drunk 15 year olds this time around which was nice. pepper did a good job, and so did southland, but i agree with the previos statment that pepper is the best opener O.A.R. has had. -oarsnap July 28, 2005
this was the best OAR show i've been to in awhile. great atmosphere all around, and an awesome setlist. the encore was sick too. -mindspin July 30, 2005
Another great show. Setlist was very good and they sounded tight. As for the person that commented about making glow sticks a "frequent thing", you are an idiot. Keep the glow sticks at home or go to a rave. Glowsticks thrown around a crowded venue could take an eye out, and jerks will inevitably try to throw them on stage. Not cool at all. -bostonwanderer August 1, 2005
Exellent show great crowed and great setlist I loved the 59th street bridge song intro to city on down. Before that show started my friends and i got a hold of the setlist and black rock was supposed to come before delicate few. Anyways great show
-ofarev0lution August 8, 2005
This was my first time seing OAR live. I knew they put on an awsome live show but this was even better then I expected. I thought Southland was pretty good and Pepper was alright but it seemed like their set just dragged on and on. I did like how they got the crowd into the Yankees Suck chant though. For me that was one of the funniest part of the night. Overall the energy from the crowd was high the entire set especally during Mr. Brown. And then Delicate Few and Sunday Bloody Sunday encore capped off an amaizing night. Can't wait for the next time I see them live. -jwustrow August 16, 2005
Good Show Great weather awsome atmosphere -BostonFanOAR November 21, 2005
great show -Zohyil June 21, 2006