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Album Stats
Souls Aflame: 24%
The Wanderer: 24%
Stories Of A Stranger: 18%
In Between Now and Then: 18%
Risen: 18%

Show Rarity: 33.95%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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PromoWest Pavilion 08.16.2005 - Columbus, OH With: Pepper / The Southland
  1. Set 1:
    1. Road Outside Columbus
    2. Old Man Time
    3. Lay Down
    4. About Mr. Brown
    5. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / Blood Outro)
    6. Love and Memories *
    7. If Only She Knew
    8. So Moved On
    9. Hey Girl
    10. Someone in the Road
    11. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Devil's Intro)
    12. James
    13. Delicate Few
    14. On Top the Cage $
  2. Encore:
    1. Dakota &
    2. Missing Pieces #
    3. City on Down
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with Danny Chaimson of The Southland on keys.
* with the "Tamborine Ninja".
$ with Ari Goldstein of Ordinary Peoples on vocals.
# with Jed Whedon of The Southland on vocals.

Aaron Pitcock

Downloads On Top the Cage 5.3 MB

Reviews THIS SHOW WAS AMAZING!!!....Seeing i came all the way out from CT i was definately not disappointed. The crowd surfing was insane. I can't put this show into words.Jerry is an amazing musicians Sax and guitar. Ari Goldstein from ordinary peoples 'got the crowd moving' as well. And after the show i met The Southland. some of the coolest guys ever. THIS SHOW WAS AWESOME!!!! -Conquered.O.A.R.Fool August 16, 2005
Awesome show, Great setlist. Everything was amazing except for the crowd surfing. -jpar0 August 17, 2005
WOW! The most intense and personal concert I've seen in a long time!!! The intro to OSU's "Sloopy" was AMAZING when it went into Road outside and it was nice to hear some rare songs in the mix with some newer stuff. After the concert Jerry came down to meet some people, which is always very cool. It was a great night in Columbus Ohio!! I just wish these jokers would stop trying to crowd surf at O.A.R.'s not the style of O.A.R. or their fans(Marc always says so)..just rexlax and enjoy the music next time(although something tells me that these are the people who came to see Poker and only Poker)...anyways, Swweet night, can't wait till their back in Ohio!!! -JOHND555 August 17, 2005
That was an awesome concert. I don't know how they keep doing it but every concert seems to get better as the sumnmer goes on. I'll see you in INDY on friday. Keep playing for us. -ucbearc1 August 17, 2005
AMAZING!!! Couldnt ask for a better setlist. City On Down was a crazy encore. Cant wait till they come back. -bk0889 August 17, 2005
Great show. Crowd surfers and mosh pitters need to find another band to see. I can't enjoy a concert when I have to hold some dudes ass in the air. -bball3692 August 17, 2005
AMAZING. simply amazing. after the completely awful pepper set (they didn't have to tell us they were fucked up, we got that from their ridiculously awful statements about females) you guys came out and rocked road outside harder than i've ever heard. so moved on was definitely my favorite, completely unexpected song. it didn't seem like too many knew love and memories, but they won't forget it after this show. best show i've ever been to, hands down. thanks for rocking it.... -midwestwayofeasy August 18, 2005
What a badass show. Pepper kicked ass too. The new album is gunna be pretty sweet. Wish there would be a release party for this one. Well again OAR provides a mind melting experience at Promo. Peace -chunk651 August 18, 2005
OAR IS AMAZING....came all the way from CT to see this show...oar rocked the house. it was crazy with the crowd surfing and they just put on the best show in the world...I also met The Southland after the show and they are also freakin awesome. they played a great set. Pepper isnt the greatest though...but overall the concert was a blast and OAR just keeps on amazing me. Best band live..hands down -oarsbiggestfan August 18, 2005
Best show I've seen yet. It also happened to be my birthday, couldn't miss it. We drove up from West Virginia. I finally got to hear some of my favorite songs live. Had a great time and can't wait for the next show. -Kin_H August 23, 2005
These were the days of the Tambourine Ninja... bring him backkkkK!!! -Niccy11 August 7, 2006