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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 50%
The Wanderer: 19%
In Between Now and Then: 13%
Souls Aflame: 13%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 34.47%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Charlottesville Pavilion 10.05.2005 - Charlottesville, VA With: The Alternate Routes
  1. Set 1:
    1. 52-50
    2. Lay Down
    3. Wonderful Day
    4. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / What I Am Tag / Blood Outro)
    5. Mr. Moon
    6. One Shot
    7. Whose Chariot?
    8. Daylight the Dog
    9. Get Away (Fast)
    10. Nasim Joon
    11. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    12. Love and Memories *
    13. Hey Girl
  2. Encore:
    1. Heard the World
    2. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) ->
    3. City on Down
Entire show with MikelParis on keys and percussion.
* with the "Tamborine Ninja".

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Amazing set, the band sounded great on both the old and new stuff. One Shot and Chariot were great additions to the set. The crowd was small, but really high energy. I know the site says no one recorded, but Im almost positive I saw someone doing it - if anyone has any info on that let me know. -ahwahoo2006 October 5, 2005
..don't even know where to begin...amazing show, every song was played to perfection, the band had so much energy tonight, especially marc, got to meet and shake their hands before the show which made the night even better, 52-50, Lay Down and Get Away were my favorites...crowd was really good also, really into the show, couldn't have asked for a better setlist, thanks again O.A.R for another amazing night...really hope someone taped this show -ObAmR October 5, 2005
This was my 4th O.A.R. show and they were unbelievable once again. 52-50 is a great opener and they played all the new songs i wanted to hear except for Program Director. They really mixed in the new songs well. Heard the Worl was perfect for opening the encore and city on down and poker were as entergetic as ever. My only compaint would be the crowd. The shows I have been too have been in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Those crowds are nuts. They dance, jam out, know all the words to every song (not just hey girl and poker) and always have fun. In Charlottesville, I guess people think the idea of an OAR concert is to stand perfectly still and watch the few people who know whats going on have fun. Even with the extremely weak crowd, OAR showed they are by the far the sweetest live band in the world. Cant wait to see them in November in Northern Va with people wo respect them. -herestoyou13 October 5, 2005
show was awesome...and for those of you wondering....yes that was me throwin cards during poker, and yes, i was holding 3 jacks, and a pair of nines. the setlist was good but im surprised they didnt play all their new stff like on the 3rd. o well. city on down was sweet when marc got to the end of the stage and started gettin the crowd goin. -wezley October 6, 2005
Very cool show. Perfect combo of the old and new. Couldn't ask for anything more. Anyone see Mark pick up that fatty and hand it to the sound guy?....compliments of JMU....
See you guys soon

shout out to Flash the sound guy.... -shortstove October 6, 2005
Good show...great energy from the band. Gotta love Benj rocking the mohawk. I agree with herestoyou about the crowd. I would have loved to have heard the "no woman no cry" outro to poker again. -matthews958 October 6, 2005
I've been a huge O.A.R. fan for a while, and this was my first time I've got to see them live. It was amazing. Made the hour drive from Lexington with some friends from Washington and Lee. The people I was around (about four rows back) were highly energetic and got into every single song. Excellent setlist, Get Away was my favorite. Can't wait to see the next show. -neworleanslives October 9, 2005