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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 35%
In Between Now and Then: 24%
Souls Aflame: 18%
The Wanderer: 12%
Risen: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 34.46%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Lifestyle Communities Pavilion 07.25.2006 - Columbus, OH With: Jack's Mannequin
  1. Set 1:
    1. Road Outside Columbus
    2. King of the Thing
    3. Wonderful Day
    4. Lay Down
    5. Untitled
    6. James
    7. One Shot
    8. Dareh Meyod
    9. Whose Chariot?
    10. Watching the Detectives
    11. Black Rock (Blood Outro)
    12. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Devil's Intro)
    13. Heard the World
    14. Hey Girl
    15. City on Down
  2. Encore:
    1. 52-50
    2. Love and Memories
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Love & Memories -Pitcock July 26, 2006
The show was amazing...
None of us could believe they actually played "Untitled". The whole show was great, and the encore topped it all off.... couldn't ask for more. Although the setlist is wrong, instead of "Old Man Time"... they played "Black Rock" -Jborders12 July 26, 2006
Great show to say the least. 17th show I've been to, and I can honestly say it was probably the best yet. Untitled was amazing, Black Rock killed as usual, and 52-50 was unbelievable on the encore. The Cbus crowd was great, showing Jerry some much-deserved love. The whole band was extremely into it, playing in front of a lot of familiar faces. Awesome job, guys. -RFull08 July 26, 2006
WOW ... What a show! Tons of energy from the crowd and band. Watching the Detectives was just unreal, they play that song so well. 52-50 ... I dont even know the world to describe how great that was, the twist they added on the end is sweet. The setlist didnt have a single let down, every song played was great. If someone had said they will open with Road Outside before the show I would have thought it would have been corny but it was great! Amazing show, I just dont know how any show will beable to top this one -AtownRounder87 July 26, 2006
Amazing show mainly because i was center stage with only the gaurd rail in front of me. James was my highlight of the night. Kept calling for revisited but never got played. Great crowd and great show as always. -oldman168 July 26, 2006
Nothing short of outstanding...
The whole conert from Black Rock to Lay Down, from Road Outside Columbus to Hey Girl...
The highlight of my evening was the encore when the played 52-50. I just lost it -siboleja1 July 27, 2006
Big O.A.R. fan, first show. I loved every minute of it. Incredible set list, wonderful weather and a wonderful date to go with. I was second row (being the wonderful guy I am, I let Steph have the front against the rail) middle stage. I don't think it could of gotten any better. -osunut2005 July 27, 2006
all star setlist... but please 52-50 and love & memories as an encore?!??!?!!? definitely the WORST combination of songs for an encore ive ever seen.. anybody with me on this -Seshambeh July 30, 2006
First OAR show, best live show I have ever seen!!! -mat420 July 30, 2006
This was my first OAR show, and it was by far the best concert I've ever been too! The engery in Columbus was crazy and it didn't hurt that I was right up against the rail! I have a new love for 52-50 after that encore! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! -dakota721 August 13, 2006
This was my first O.A.R. concert ever. I hadn't really gotten into them all that much (I liked a few songs like Road Outside Columbus, and Crazy Game). We skipped all the opening band. They all took the stage and I said "Is that them?" and my friends all said yes (I'm embarassed now that I had to ask). Anyways, from the time they opened with Road Outside Columbus, till when they ended with City on Down, it was a good show. I honestly do not remember a lot of the concert because they all just blended so much in there and made it awesome. It was vintage O.A.R. and the Pavillion had a feel to it that just... made the concert better. Best concert I've been to and it helped me get into what is today my favorite band. Only dissapointment was they didn't play Conquering Fools, or Get Away but hey... it was an awesome concert -Gotta Get Away January 4, 2007
it was my first show. The whole show was amazing, and opening with road outside the song that got me hooked on O.A.R. well it was too perfect. I'm a huge fan now, its almost all i listen to, i'll be attending again for sure. -roadoutsidecbus February 26, 2007
This was my first o.a.r. show and sadly i got kicked out right before Jacks Mannequin. I had to listen to the whole show instead on sitting on the hood of my car, soo depressing. I was going crazy not being in their, the setlist was awesome especially opening with road outside columbus and then playing 52-50 towards the end, even though ive seen them since then i still think this was probly their best show. Dont drink underage at o.a.r. concerts its not worth it -mlaakso May 1, 2007