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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 29%
Stories Of A Stranger: 24%
Souls Aflame: 18%
All Sides: 12%
King: 6%
In Between Now and Then: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 38.59%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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U.S. Bank Theater At Target Center 10.27.2006 - Minneapolis, MN With: Army Of Me
  1. Set 1:
    1. City on Down (Organ Intro)
    2. Dareh Meyod
    3. About Mr. Brown
    4. About an Hour Ago
    5. One Shot
    6. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / Blood Outro)
    7. Dinner Last Night
    8. Missing Pieces
    9. Lay Down
    10. The Fallout
    11. Night Shift ->
    12. Stir It Up
    13. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    14. Heard the World
    15. Love and Memories
  2. Encore:
    1. Dangerous Connection (Take Me Back) ~
    2. Hey Girl (Date Intro)
~ Marc solo.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Jon Senkler and Phil Cristan

Downloads Dangerous Connection 6.0 MB

Reviews Being the last show of the tour I kind of expected more. Overall though an awsome show. Highlights of the night were Long day intro-Black rock and night shift into stir it up. Proably one of the worst crowds ever though people were just sitting around and people were crowed surfing and not singing along very very mellow crowed.Show seemd kind of short also. Not the best show ive seen but it was still fun and is deflinently ranked in the top of shows ive seen.
Also the riff for take me back really sounds like a jam Dave Matthews band did once -footballteen25 October 28, 2006
The Show was fuckin amazing... great show overall with Dinner Last Night. I seemed to be the only one singin it with them in my seating section. THis Venue is really great for the guys and they should come back again next year. -J120387 October 28, 2006
Night Shift/ Stir It up was awesome, i knew it was coming, cause you could see marc slow down and yell NOW and they transistioned, front row, right on the rail was awesome, right in front of richard the whole time, micheal paris is insane, and we had a little moment thing, excellent show, i wanted them to do a fan request or something due to it being the last show, overall excellent time

CROWD SURFERS ARE STUPID, marc lost respect for us as fans when he had to tell them to stop, "instead of kicking the girl in the face, you should just dance with her, and you will have a better chance of making out with her" marc when yelling a a crowd surfer -swenbater October 28, 2006
alright, I've been an o.a.r. fan for a while now, and I gotta admit...I was a little worried about the poppy/mainstrem direction they were taking, but shiiiit....i dunno where to begin with this show...4th time seein the guys and this show was fuckin incredible (especially being in the GA). That funky jam they did outta black rock was dope as hell and when they all had percussion and had a little jam goin that was cool...jerry fuckin rocked all night...missing with city on down was sweet and they played a lot of their real good old shit...about mr brown, dareh meyod, about an hour ago...fuckin nightshift into stir it up...awesome setlist, awesome jammin..i had to calm down some moshing that was goin on...i mean cmon people are just tryin to dance and have a good time, but w/e the show was sooooo good -funkyMuzak October 28, 2006
I was in the seats, and this was one of the calmest crowds I've ever seen at an O.A.R. show. A few crowd surfers, but not many. I was impressed. Show was pretty damn sweet too! -rsanderson03 October 29, 2006
The crowd surfing here compaird to the show in Sioux Falls this was nothing. But I heard so many of my favorite songs. And I was happy to hear the new song "The fallout" the second time it was played. This consert was fantastic. And thanks to you guys i made a new friend and heard some new songs. Thanks guys.

PS Jerry seems to love his booze ;-) -kethOAR4ever October 29, 2006
I was sitting in the seats, the crowd seemed to be really well behaved. I mean there are always going to be some crowd surfurs, but compared to the last one I went to it was nothing. The concert itself was outstanding, AMAZING setlist. Blackrock was the highlight of the night for me. Stir It Up and the end of Night Shift was great too. The band sounded great. Of the 3 shows I've been to this one was the best. -Siouxbaseball October 29, 2006
My 8th show and it was another highlight... they rocked the house yet again... I was hoping to hear Short a Try but that new song was pretty tight too... Oh well... they had a ton of energy... "You always hope you end a tour on a good show... This was a good one!!" - Marc right before Hey Girl

PS... Crowd Surfers effin SUCK!!! even though there were only a few @ the TC... you still look like asses... you know who you are... -BigMike2k3 October 29, 2006
Very good show, my 4th - Black Rock was great - Laydown was really great, it had a great improv by marc in it where he sang about having 1,2,3,and 4 girls (1,1 she's just for fun!) loved hearing the 3 new songs. I think the acoustic one in the encore was probably called "take me back", almost made me worry about marc and his wife. loved that Poker wasn't the last song for the first time i've seen them. Marc really seemed to appreciate the whole crowd singing heard the world with him - it was great (the 1st 2 times i saw it nobody sang except a few, Marc didn't even need to sing "locked up in this place", the whole crowd did it, he really had a good time at this show i think.

btw, i also went to the Stephen Kellogg and the sixers show the next night, they were fucking amazing, everybody needs to get in to this band! -reomamakin October 30, 2006
... new song? any info -fredericks.t October 30, 2006
My third show and it was amazing...Probably not the best show I've seen but that don't mean it wasn't really fun! I loved the crowd energy when it came to the more known songs. Nice setlist though...I enjoyed hearing the new songs. I thought it was pretty short as well. Ended by 10:30 and was surprised when it came time for the encore. Was expecting to hear SCO but ah well! I can't wait for them to come back to Minnesota! -RJaYE728 October 30, 2006
This was another amazing show, the set list was sweet with old and new songs. The crowd was into the show have a good time! I cant wait to see the guys again! -mcclure October 30, 2006
Great show! I had the HOME sign again. After the show we waited by the tour bus again. We got to meet everyone but richard. When mark came out I asked him if he saw the sign. He said "yeah I saw the sign, but it just wasn't in the cards, sorry" Oh well, maybe next time i'll get to hear it. I did get pictures with most of the band members holding the HOME sign. I really liked have reserved seating this time. Being my 3rd show that week it was nice to not be so crowded.
-WIoarFan October 30, 2006
It was pretty darn good, not the best one I've ever been too, but I enjoyed it. I think the best part was the fact that I was able to have quotes from the evening. "Everywhere in life there should be beach balls" and "I think that if you stop kicking that girl in the face, you'll have a better chance of making out with her, unless of course you are under 18, in which case you can study with her or something" -bethcarp October 31, 2006
Overall great performance by the guys!! I was in the first row just a little to the right of Marc. I think the band kind of lacked a little energy like they normally have, I also thought they woulda played longer considering it was their last stop. But all and all great show and it was my 2nd time being in the front row for them and 6th overall concert.

Highlights were definately night shift into stir it up. Also Take me back the solo Marc did in the encore is a great song. And I really enjoyed the intro before City on Down. It was a little mellow and then all of a sudden they hit you and we'll all singing along.

Also too I got to meet Jerry after the show which was pretty sweet. It woulda been cool to meet the other guys but, I had a friend that had to be somewhere. Great experience though! -dylanthinks November 1, 2006
Thought it was a great show. Been seeing these guys since 2002 and was a little reluctant to go to another show. Made the right choice by attending...they seem to get better and better. And the new songs have some serious potential. I wasn't sure if my die-hard OAR buddy was having a good time until about half way into the show he told me "we are going to get a tattoo of the tree on the cover of Inbetween Now and Then"...good times. -Rans54 November 2, 2006