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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 31%
In Between Now and Then: 19%
Souls Aflame: 19%
The Wanderer: 19%
All Sides: 6%
Unreleased: 6%

Show Rarity: 35.36%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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George Mason University - Patriot Center 01.26.2007 - Fairfax, VA With: Gomez / Telograph
  1. Set 1:
    1. 52-50
    2. Dareh Meyod
    3. Lay Down
    4. One Shot
    5. On Top the Cage
    6. James
    7. About Mr. Brown
    8. Black Rock (Blood Outro)
    9. The Fallout
    10. Heard the World
    11. Anyway
    12. Love and Memories
    13. Short a Try ~
    14. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  2. Encore:
    1. I Feel Home &
    2. Hey Girl
~ Marc solo.
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Nathan Acker
Live O.A.R.

Reviews Wow...I forgot how great About Mr. Brown was and for sure is! Black Rock, I Feel Home were great to hear and Mark made it clear it was nice playing close to home...they entered the stage w/ "the boys are back in town playing!" I didnt get standing area tix, so being where I was wansnt my first choice, but I was VERY glad to be there....stood the whole time and loved every minute!

I hate to harp on it like others, but the kids (and I do mean kids, b/c some of them were pretty damn young...and the fact I'm getting older, but some of these kids were 5 maybe when O.A.R. formed) and the kids and others only wanting new songs and poker....but the band makes it fun b/c they can kinda sense it...but its good to have fans...and for those of us that enjoy it all, it was a show not to be missed....didnt get to hear city on down or delicate few....but gives me a reason to come back to another...HA, like I need a reason to go back...I will be at all their concerts I can for life...BEST LIVE SHOWS EVER....all the guys were great and as mentioned in other concerts, MP on the keys adds a great touch to the group...and "The Fallout" will be another great song, really shows the growth of their music, but is still fun to groove too!!!

Thanks for the GREAT night....went by to quick! -fishFL January 27, 2007
if i hear 52-50 as an opener again, i'm probably going to kill myself -tbshortman January 27, 2007
The show was absolutely AWESOME! I got there early and was standing I person back from the stage, and that one person happened to be a girl about 4 feet 5 inches I was actually right there able to see everything. Black Rock was insane, as was the rest of the concert.

I really enjoyed when they played James. I had never seen them sing that before in concert. I was hoping to hear Program Director, Missing Pieces, Night Shift, or City on Down. I can't wait until my next opportunity to see them again. I agree O.A.R is by far the BEST LIVE SHOW YOU CAN SEE, and being right at the stage made it 1000x better.

Thanks for the AWESOME show. -AnnapolisOARfan January 27, 2007
Honestly, this was by far one of the best shows I have seen in a long time... I know for a fact that there was tapers hooked up to the sound board... so have no fear there will be an update on the Archives of this show... man I felt right at home with this one... FRONT ROW... I have some really good pics if anyone is interested feel free to e-mail me at until then man I wish I was headed back to my original home in NY, NY for the MSG show!!! Great job tonight guys! -mlaiacona January 27, 2007
ah man such an amazing show. the pat center was more packed than last year and thats always good to see. i definitely liked 52-50 and Dareh Meyod back-to-back to kick it off. it brought the energy up a lot. Anyway was an awesome song to hear live and closing with Hey Girl was good for a little change in things. awesome show cant wait for the next one -52-50holdinontrue January 27, 2007
This was a GREAT show!!! I absolutely loved Gomez. I have never heard of them, but it was an excellent way to get in the mood!

The crowd was MUCH better this year, except for the occasional drunk. However the show went on and it ROCKED!!!!

I loved the set. The mix was great. The mid-song instrumentals were fabulous!! I was really into the music and so was the crowd. The show was nice and long, which was SUPER-

I was blown away by Jerry, I mean, WOW!!!

Thank you for the WONDERFUL show! I can't wait until the next tour! Great time as always!!! :) -oarlovernva January 27, 2007
It had been since Summer '05 since I last saw OAR, so I had to make the trip from Richmond. Patriot Center is a good venue. I was impressed by Telegraph. Gomez was good, but not great in my opinion. I think 52-50 is a good opener for them to warm up and get the crowd going. Speaking of the crowd, it was a pretty good crowd....many people singing along, good energy. Obviously some drunken frat guys (ive never seen guys hug so much when songs came on) and underage people, but best crowd ive seen. My highlights were Cage, About Mr. Brown, and Jerry's opening to L&M. Jerry was really on fire -- great sax play, great guitar work, and the one song where he played the small drum like thing then flipped the sticks to the crowd. I feel home was also nice being that this was the "hometown show."

Overall a great show. Cant wait to hear the tape. -rochoar January 27, 2007
I was two rows back from the stage on the floor for an AMAZING show. 52-50 was a sick opener, On Top The Cage was a great surprise, and I loved the back-to-back combo of Mr. Brown and Black Rock (with a bongo drum intro I've never heard before). Jerry showed over and over why he is fucking awesome, especially in Anyway.

I can't wait for the show to be put on the archives. -KnowledgeHeBreathed January 27, 2007

I was 1 row back from the front and having a blast. This was the third show that I have been to and by far the best. I am originally from the Philly area, but I go to college in North Carolina, and made the trip up to see them. Totally worth the 5 hour drive. I felt at home. Once again, OAR put on a kick ass show. Telograph was real good, I thought. Gomez was pretty good and the guy who kept talking into the mic was sooo drunk it was pretty funny.

Thanks OAR!!!! -brokaw January 27, 2007
The show was alright. I was disapointed in some of the fans at the show. one example: A fight broke out in portal 2 before the show. All I saw was 2 guys kicking the sh*t out of one other guy. They messed up his face pretty bad. When they were done beating him up they just acted normal and walkd away.

Why fighting? Its rediculous. -parrotisla January 27, 2007
This show was great. I went with two of my friends and it was such a good night.

52-50: Great opener, I called it would be this with my friends so that was pretty cool

Dareh Meyod: I have always wanted to hear it live, and this was my first time hearing it in concert. It was awesome to see this one. Richard did some really cool Wah effects during the solo.

Lay Down: This was a very cool version I thought. The song seems to have gotten more of an island twist to it since I heard it last.

One Shot: This has never been my favorite song, but it still added a lot of energy to the show. This one always seems to get the band pumped up, so that works for me.

On Top The Cage: This was just a classic. I loved this one so much because it was more of the roots that the band started with.

James: This was a silencer. The whole crowd had flames and cell phones in the air and most people that had seats sat down during this one. I could tell this one meant a lot to the band, and it was slower than I ever remember.

About Mr. Brown: Just before this one Marc said that he was so happy to be at the Patriot Center and that they always play certain songs for the place. To me, this is where the show started to pick up. Richard had a really cool solo for this one.

Black Rock: One of my top songs of the night. The Blood Outro was amazing with the red lights going off everywhere. The crowd was made up of a bunch of Maryland natives, so this meant a lot to all of us.

The Fallout: Wow, I loved this one so much. Most people sat down for this one, but I was so happy to know it from downloading it a while back. I love the new style they have attained, and if they keep putting songs like this out on the board, I think the next album will be a huge success. I was so happy to hear this one since it has only been played a few times.

Heard The World: This one got the crowd into the show. Since a good number of people at the show like O.A.R. just for Stories of a Stranger, this was many people top song. I love it too, and Richard gets better at the slide solos everytime I hear it.

ANYWAY: BEST SONG OF THE NIGHT! Jerry had such an amazing solo. He went so high on his notes and ended it with a low blown note that just got everyone pumped up. Benj jumped up on the drum stage with Chris and was jammin so hard. The best moment of the whole night was "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." I felt like I was being hit with something. This was the most powerful part of the show.

Love And Memories: Bah, not my favorite, but the guys always have to give the noob fans what they came for.

Short A Try: Very mellow sound. I didnt even know what it was until I remembered the Any Time Now verison. It was so nice to hear this one since it is a rare one.

Poker: Awesome build up with all instruments as always. People in the stands were running onto the floor during this one and the security gaurds just gave up all hope. Jerry did a particularly great job on this version.

I Feel Home: I was so tired by this one, but since I had never heard it live, it was so special. Marc came out for the encore with Michael and Richard and this was such a great song to come back out with.

Hey Girl: Not my favorte, but they came out and did there thing. Once again, I think this song only attracts certain people and its just never been my top song. Put a little bit of a damper on the ending for me, oh well.

Overall I'd have to rate this show a strong 8. I was so mad that I waited to long and didn't get General Admission tickets. I ended up in semi-good seats, but you just can't beat the floor in my opinion. The energy in the stands just is not the same as the floor offers. There was some guys behind my friends and me laughing at us cause we were dancing, and some girl was sleeping behind us.....ha. Also, I thought the first 6 songs were a little weak, but maybe I just didn't get a good perspective from my view.

You people going to MSG are in for a big treat. The guys sound better than ever. Hope you all have fun at the concert tonight. Look foward to the best night of your life.

-adam hall January 27, 2007
Wish I would've made it to hear Telograph, but Gomez and ...Of a Revolution both played great. For anyone out there that was booing or otherwise showing any direspect towards Gomez, just leave the arena. Couldn't stand the jerks who wouldn't let them play even though O.A.R. picked them to open up for them, shows a total lack of class. But O.A.R. played great, something like my tenth show of theirs and quite possibly the best I've heard them. Hit all the notes, and really jammed out every song well. The lights were a great addition to the overall concert experience. But brokaw, I saw a mic down in between the crowd and the stage- was this the one someone was yelling into the whole show? I really hope the taping of the show didn't get messed up because this should sound great when it gets uploaded. -Jam Session January 27, 2007
Show was fifth and prolly second best,next to last years at the pat center. way too many drunk kids come kids always pick OAR to binge drink at? i have to say the patriot center really sounds great! O and by the way, Jerry was on fire!! hitting those high notes..not at all sloppy..very impressed..some of the last few times ive seen them, jerry sounded like he had one too many hits from the bong before the show, but this time he was right on time!! cant wait till next time! -blackrock5 January 27, 2007
Great show with a solid setlist. I thought that the boys played with a lot of energy considering that they had MSG the next day. The highlights included James and Anyway. I was right up front and for the most part the crowd seemed to be into it. Great Show!! -raw45 January 28, 2007
adam hall really doesn't know what he's talking about. some of the things he said are stupid. 3 o.a.r. shows doesn't make you an expert buddy. -bjb33nyy January 30, 2007
Adam Hall is a DB. Glad to hear that it is ok by you if the band plays One Shot. -Grimace4 February 4, 2007
I went to this it was a long drive from Maryland but amazing again. I cant wait for the summer tour I hope they come to Merriweather again. -HawksPokerGame February 28, 2007