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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 28%
In Between Now and Then: 22%
The Wanderer: 22%
Souls Aflame: 17%
All Sides: 11%

Show Rarity: 37.85%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Madison Square Garden 01.27.2007 - New York, NY With: Gomez / Matt Nathanson
  1. Set 1:
    1. Love and Memories
    2. Untitled
    3. Hey Girl
    4. Risen
    5. Living in the End
    6. About Mr. Brown
    7. Heard the World
    8. About an Hour Ago
    9. One Shot
    10. James
    11. Anyway
    12. Dareh Meyod
    13. Something Coming Over
    14. Black Rock (Blood Outro)
    15. Lay Down
    16. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Devil's Intro)
  2. Encore:
    1. 52-50
    2. City on Down (Organ Intro)
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
This show was recorded for the Live From Madison Square Garden release.
First time Living in the End was played.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Awesome Show...great set! Highlight would have to be SCO. Best Show Ive ever been too. And I caught Jerry's drumstick! WOOOOH! -nickj5250 January 28, 2007
Sweet show!!! Awesome setlist and it was really cool how they changed up the beats a little with a few of the new songs like lay down and the bongo intro to black rock. Great show and great crowd. The Garden was actually rocking from everyone going crazy during the opening with love and memories and with poker. I hope it's put out on DVD for everyone to enjoy. -ladanday103 January 28, 2007
Amazing show.....Lasts years was hard to follow but they pulled it off.....They sounded super tight and had the garden going nuts -k23behr January 28, 2007
Best O.A.R. show I've ever seen. hands down. They played every song like it was their last and it was simply incredible. James (not usually one of my favorites) was beautiful and Something Coming Over was a surprise and adorable as always. What a long way they've come from starting out at Frost and they should be amazingly proud. Oh, and can I just say michael fucking paris? They better make him an official O.A.R.-er soon - he's AWESOME. -dancinfool790 January 28, 2007
The show was amazing. It was the best one I've been to. Last years MSG performance was great, but this one was even better. Both the band and the crowd were awesome. Poker and Black Rock were sick, espically with the crowd going nuts! I was in section 3...and the crowd was jus like a group O.A.R. fans are the best. Nothing beats this for me right now. I hope the cd/dvd comes out soon...cuz i need to keep on jammin..ha -jis487 January 28, 2007
GREAT AWESOME SETLIST!! GREAT NIGHT! I loved the new renditions of JAMES and LAYDOWN; really switched it up nicely!! The encore was BADASS!! BEST songs to have in the encore IMO :) Can't wait for the DVD and the album release; should be spectacular!!

the video for LAY DOWN from this show can be viewed here.

you can download LOVE & MEMORIES from this concert here.

-dmbgreystreet05 January 28, 2007
UNREAL once again.

Instead of "release" Ed, it was "Living In The End" new song, debut.

Bottom line another evening I will never forget. Thanks guys.

RightOnTime31 -tindawg31 January 28, 2007
Great show.... awesome setlist especially how they mixed up the beats. Lay Down and the Bongo Intro for Black Rock were a nice change. Untitled and Anyway were amazing as well -cforte13 January 28, 2007
awesome show!!!! after wed. night at camden i was a little worried about how tonight was going to go, but my faith in OAR has been completely restored! -MrBrown21 January 28, 2007
who got some glow sticksssss 2nite sec 97 yeaaaaa -breeze56 January 28, 2007
Amazing show! The set list was awesome. Simply incredible. Can't wait to get the DVD. -oneshot23 January 28, 2007
i went to the show last year at msg and it was sickkk but this year was sooo much better lay down was sick everyone went crazy for hey girl it was nice to hear about an hour ago and SOMETHING COMING OVER and possibly best encore!!!! -oarrrr1 January 28, 2007
UNBELIVEABLE!!!!!!! MSG was goin insane the whole night and it was awsome. Untitled, About an Hour Ago, SCO and Risen were awsome. BEST VERSION OF POKER IVE EVER HEARD! Everything was amazing. Great Job boys! -aboutanhrago January 28, 2007
best oar show ive ever seen!!! i got to hear untitled and risen in the same show... it was amazing! -laxguy329 January 28, 2007
WOW!!! This show was amazing...Blew last years show right out of the water. Love and Memories was a solid opener, and it was great to hear Untitled and Risen. The New Song Living in the End is really nice I can't wait for this CD/DVD to come out. Anyway was amazing, Jerry you are a nut I love you man. Rich amazing on the guitar holy shit, Benj the man on the bass, and Chris you don't get mearly as much credit but your the reason this shit sounds soooo good. Great Job boys!! -slick923 January 28, 2007
Honestly, I am very happy to see O.A.R. finally "make it" if u will, i think we all thought they would eventually... But when the crowd goes NUTS for love and mermories and then goes almost silent for james i began to ask myself am i getting older or are stupid high school freshman girls just going as an excuse to get drunk and be in the city? MSG stopped selling beer at 930. That alone tells you how pathetic a lot of the fans were. like i said it looks like oar is rocking out and i love that but this MSG event was NOTHING compared to last years or my first show ever at Hammerstein where 34th and 8th was filmed... It might be a long time until i see them again and most likely never in NYC again because i cant deal with the crowds -markis64 January 28, 2007
as much as i loved the show and had so much fun i was expecting more...........for a show at MSG and we all saw the huge camera so hopefully there will be a DVD or suming, i would think that they would play more rare songs like delicate few, conquering fools, right on time, whose chariot. and they cut city on down in half and thats my favorite song! the crowd didnt go with the blood outro on black rock either. No one knew untitled or release so the crowd died down in those 2 songs but then got right back into it with about mr. brown but it was still pretty sweet with extended jams in anyway, i love that song. The crowd sucks though cuz there were so many drunk messes getting kicked out -mychariot17 January 28, 2007
that was a solid solid show. both sets from last year's msg and this years were different which was great. something coming over was splended and untitled was completely unexpected. that was also the best anyway jam that i have ever herad. the chilled out james was well done. the boys came through again with another solid night at the garden. -mincus64 January 28, 2007
This was my 20+ show and a GREAT SHOW! It definetly ranks as one of the best! It blew last years show away... great to hear Untitled, SMO, and what a fantastic Dareh Meyod! One thing though.. How do you come to NYC and not play Dakota? Or Feeling Groovy? And what is the deal with all of the youngsters, drunk, and not really into the show, other than Love and Memories, Hey Girl, and Poker? Beer sales were cut off around 9:30. I'm 36 years old and should be able to get a dam beer and enjoy the show without the hastles of the drunk 16 years! It's great you boys made it... but don't loose site of your roots! Stay away from the top 40 crap! -hartwickds January 28, 2007
For those who maybe a little "let down" from the MSG show... even though i doubt that the show was nothing short of great... but they did have a VERY emotional, outstanding, you name it... great home show the night before here in Northern VA... and it just was out of this world... it was like 10,000 plus people coming together as one family... not to mention some of the bands family was there. So if anything they were just still coming off the high emotions of the night before. -mlaiacona January 28, 2007
I knew this show was going to be incredible and it damn sure was. What a great setlist and what a great mixture. Does anyone know the name of that song that they played after risen? because it damn sure wasnt release. I am so glad they played Love and Memories to open because i wanted that song out of the way for the kids. it was such a young crowd that this girl was asking me what the name of Untitled was! Hey girl had the place hysterical but after that the crowd seemed tired already. Michael Paris had a sweet solo durin about an hour ago. i loved the new rendition of lay down, i loved the intro to poker. and i loved jerry ripping up anyway like he always does. great night -cah44 January 28, 2007
Show was fucking awesome....great setlist...can't believe the were able to pull it off after last years MSG show...But the did...there is nothing more I can say besides FUCKING AWESOME. Yo nickj5250, i was 2 rows behind you in row v. Sweet grab on jerry's drumstick. -SoMovedOn2010 January 28, 2007
Yes, definitely a sweet show. Just a little dissapointed that MSG stopped serving beer at 930. Also, where the hell did all the 15 year old drunks come from? --- Throwing up all over the place; that was annoying. I've also never seen so many kids making out the whole time. Im not sure why they paid to go to a concert, unless mommy and daddy paid for them. The last few times I saw OAR, the crowd was completely different! Maybe it was just where I was sitting.....
Anyway, great show and I can't wait til they come around again. Hey 15 yr olds---try to hold your liquor, or actually, stay home and play PS3 and invite your girlfriend over to make out with her at wont have to waste mommy and daddy's 50 bucks. -blakeman12 January 28, 2007
Show & Crowd were fantastic. You had your traditional drunkards getting kicked out, and your pukers (we had 2 in front of us), but the set was fantastic, the band was in good spirits, and the encore was fantastic. -robcoloney January 28, 2007
unbelievable show - the best of 13 i've seen ... Poker had the house rocking, closing out with COD was great, L&M had the Garden rocking right out of the gate!!! Psyched seeing all the cameras, 2 on stage, cameras in the crowd, and the Boom Cameras - DVD COMING OUT??!!


In the end my friend we will all be together again -face517 January 28, 2007
can't they come to norway? -anyway January 28, 2007
nickj5250 how did u catch jerry's drum stick? i wasnt at the show did jerry really play drums or do u mean u caught chris' drum stick? -Matlax January 28, 2007
Wow. What can I say. The guys blew me away, once again with a great setlist for a great evening for my 8 oar concert. Although not my favorite song, love and memories definatly got the crowd going with jerry jamming on his guitar just as great as he plays the sax. Untitled, Hye Girl, and risen left a great mix of old a new for the show with living in the end coming on as a new song for the first time. Was dissapointed with mr. brown when marc didnt say what the hell do you think your doing in new york city but it was still well played. About an hour agao was definatly a treat along with james. Was different to hear james with jerry on the guitar. Anyway just showed how well jerry can play the sax. His 5 min solos r just amazing. The bongo intro the black rock is still one of the best intro to that song yet, long day was ok but bongos are definatly better. Hearing Lay down with the acoustic intro again was awsum because everyone got into it fast. Marc and richard should keep that intro permantly. The devils intro to poker was long, exciting, and i loved it. The song was played better then ever. I figured the encore would be i feel home, but 52-50 was srill a good substitute. I though it was going to be the last song but when I heard Mike Paris playing the organ. i knew it was city on down n it made my night. TO MARC AND THE GUYS....THANKS FOR THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. -scottdmboar January 28, 2007
This show was fucking unbelievable. Can't wait for the Cd or DVD that comes out or whatever. This show was amazing. Setlist was a great one. Even though I'm not a big fan of the new stuff Love and Memories was a great way to start it off. It really did get the whole crowd pumped up. Did not see Untitled coming at all... it was amazing, one of my favorite. Risen and James always add a great taste to the show along with Something Coming Over and Living in The End. I really like the new touch to Black Rock with the bongo intro it helps the crowd get into the song so much more. I HATE NICK JONES FOR GETTING THAT DRUMSTICK!!! and MATLAX it was jerry's cuz jerry played a lil snare drum solo during a song but i dont remember which one it was. but i'd love if someone could help me out with that! About an hour ago was definately my favorite song played, it always give the show a great and the crowd loves it. I also really like Anyway and Hey Girl with the way that the lights are used, it is a great way for the crowd to get hyped up during the song... This show definately blew away any O.A.R. concert i have ever been too including last years MSG concert which i didnt think could be possible but Marc, Richard, Chris, Jerry, Ben and Michael did it again. I Love you Guys and you're amazing musicians and i really hope to see a lot more of you guys!!!!!! and when will PARIS become the Official O.A.R. Pianist!

Desiner...if u paid attention to the show you would have saw that the drumstick Jones caught was from Jerry cuz he was playin the snare during Lay Down( thanks SCO)... -subs2422 January 28, 2007
By far the best O.A.R. show I have been too yet, and the best concert I have ever been too. I was about 10 rows back on the floor and to be on the floor of the Garden taking everything in was amazing. The boys seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the crowd was. The show had an amazing setlist and Poker was definately the highlight of the show. James was nice to here and SCO was also awesome. Coming up from Virginia to see the show was definately worth it and it ended up being the best show/weekend I've had. MSG can be described in two words: Fucking Ridiculous!!! Thanks for a Great Show!!! -raw45 January 28, 2007
best show outta 10 ive ever been too...amazing set list and great energy from the crowd...mikelparis did amazing an all his solos...really fun night

sub2422-jerry through the drumstick for Lay was stuck with one drumstick after that for the snare/bongos at the end of the song

really excited for the DVD/CD...rowA of section 7 was filmed you'll be seeing me!

oh yea AND ive been waiting to hear Something Coming Over for the over a year now...amazing to FINALLY hear it -SomethingComingOver January 29, 2007
my first o.a.r. concert! couldn't have hoped for a better show.. even though i was up in section 410 and to the right of the stage i enjoyed everything. crazy game of poker was greatttt, so was everything else.. hope to go to many more shows! -peacelovetaylor January 29, 2007
Amazing show, my 4th show, and I have to say it will never be topped. The crowd was young, way to many teeny bobbers, go see Britney or Justin next time, just cause you heard it on the radio does not mean you have to go see the band in concert. I loved hearing Untitled, it is one of my favorites, and the devil intro to Poker was astounding, a little disappointed that Matt Nathanson did not come out during Lay Down. Overall the show was amazing and 52-50 and City On Down were great for the encore, would have enjoyed hearing I Feel Home though. **Now after the posting of the setlist scan, I am truly upset, they were planning on playing I Feel Home and skipped it in the encore.**

I was last row in sec3, right in front of the camera panning east and west. And they got me and my girlfriend dancing, consent forms and all, you will definitly be seeing me on the DVD.

Great show guys, I will be there next time for sure!! -ecollyer January 29, 2007
I don't even know where to begin...well i might as well start from the top...first off this show was absoluetly insane and and memories really got everyone pumped up and untitled was sick!...hearing it made my night...hey girl/risen had perfect timing and i thought the new song, living in the end, had an awesome beat...the stretch from Mr.Brown to Poker was rock and something coming over were flat out was great how the guys were smiling the whole show! and for the record jerry is my hero...the guy is awesome... and so is michael paris and his piano solos...the encore was perfect...the lights in 52-50 were tight as hell and I went nuts as soon as i heard the organ into for city on down...perfect song to end on and the best part was when marc sang "this New York City on down" original seats were about 18 rows from the stage but i managed to get into the third row almost dead center...marc kept looking over at me (i think) and smiling b/c i was one of those who knew pretty much every lyric to every song...i could have delt without the fans who only know Stories of A Stranger/Poker but who cares cause as long as they like OAR its cool...they definetly beat last years show even without playing delicate few/i feel home/conquering fools...i can't wait till the dvd/cd set comes out...the camera filmed me and my cousin singing every chorus to 52-50 so hopefully we are on to some this all up: Amazing show, unbelievable set list, and one hell of a night! -TuesdaysComing January 29, 2007
O.A.R. show number 16 for me..and they're playing as strong as ever. Obviously it was amazing to see them at a venue as huge as the Garden, getting the whole place rocking. The lights were awesome, I loved Black Rock but my personal highlight was the jam in "Anyway", I'm pretty sure it's the best version of the song I've ever heard. Something Coming Over was great, I was a little disappointed that they didn't play "All Sides"..but I'll survive. Another great O.A.R. show! -BlackRockRt28 January 29, 2007
absolutely stellar. the guys sounded amazing and they rocked the whole garden. l & m opener was nowhere near my first choice, but it got the crowd goin right and i wasn't gonna let it get me down. UNTITLED WAS AMAZING! by far my favorite song and im so happy they played it. james was great to hear even though i think the new, slower version is gonna have to grow on me. SCO was flippin awesome, and i was hoping they'd play about mr. brown and it was great. about an hour ago had a sick freestyle and paris tore it up. poker was probably the best version i have ever heard, devils intro was great and the outro was intense! me and my buddy were the only people around us who knew every song (cept the new one, which is much better then all sides), and danced and sang to every word. 52-50's new outro is unbelievable, and city on down was a sick way to close, although i was really expecting matt nathanson to come out. jerry ripped shit up the whole show and rich had some sick solos. marc's voice sounded amazing although i've never seen him take off his guitar before, and he did it a few times last night... hey girl and black rock, classics as usual, anyway had sick instrumentals, dareh meyod and risen also special treats, & SOAS songs are getting better and better (esp. lay down, best version i've heard). can not wait for the cd/dvd!! for a while a camera man had come up to our section and had his camera on me and my buddy for a while and we sang and danced and i hope we get on the dvd that wud be crazy! but i dont think they will cause i was holding a beer and i hardly look my age, and the last thing oar needs is to promote underage drinking at their shows... -lazytj20 January 29, 2007
It's safe to say it was the best live performance I've ever seen. It had that small-audience feel, yet the energy of a large croud. Sure, the drunkeness of the "kids" running around was disappointing, but I won't let it take away from the performance. I must also say that when all the 13-year-olds left towards the end (probably passed out or past their bed times) MSG was left with a croud that was as keen as I on the performance before us. I wasn't that big of a fan before, but I put them atop my list now. Bad-ass all around. -kpointer09 January 29, 2007
What can I say...AMAZING. My 12th show and definitely the best so far. The energy from the band was off the charts and obviously the crowd was crazy as usual. Ecollyer and bzack I was the short kid in the green right next to you guys holding it down in Sec 3. SCO better be on the new album because it has a chance to be a great new song like 52-50, Heard the World, and L&M. I tried to start a NAKED chant but no one else was into it... even though it would have been a great surprise for everyone that knows it. All in all it was 100% worth the trip from Ohio State to Philly to NYC...something I will never forget. Thanks a lot guys. -oldman168 January 29, 2007
Unbeleivable show! By far the best concert I have ever been to. The energy was crazy throughout the whole concert. You could just tell how pumped up the band was during the show. At one point when Jerry was rockin' out Benj went to the side and took out his camera and took a couple of pictures. Anyway was probably the highlight of the night but Poker and 52-20 were both the best performances of them I have seen. This concert will be tough to top in the future. -Bwales January 30, 2007
This was my 5th show, and it was another amazing one! The guys never let us fans down, and they had MSG rocking! Jerry was an animal on the sax like always, Paris was killing it on the keys, Benji and Richard were jammin and having a great time, Chris was nice on drums, and Marc's vocals sounded great! No complaints from me on the performance at all.
But some of the people in the crowd, now that was a different story. I had good seats that I got during the pre-sale (sec 87 row C), which that section was rocking for the most part, but there were people a few rows behind me that were sitting and playing with their phones during pretty much every song other than Poker, Hey Girl, and L&M. I was up standing/dancing/and signing every song (other than Living In The End, I'm not really familiar with that one :-/), and there were some people looking at me like I had 5 heads. That's what you are supposed to do, not sit there like a bump waiting for the 2 songs you have heard on the radio! And like in a lot of more recent O.A.R. shows, the teenage drinking (especially girls) is way out of hand. These girls dont even come to the shows to have a fun night listening to the greatest band ever, they come to get sloppy drunk and passout mid-show! The girl sitting across from me on the train ride home was puking in a bag for most of the ride, and asking her friends how much of the show she saw, and what she did. They told her she passed out at about 8:30, and didn't wake up for any of O.A.R.?!?!? INSANE!!! STAY HOME!!!
But I didn't let all of that ruin my night, I still had a great time! Untitled was a huge treat, and Im glad they played Mr. Brown and Black Rock. I was also glad to hear Dareh Meyod, I don't think I have seen them play that live yet. James is just a great/super chill song. And City On Down was a great way to finish off a great set (I was really praying for Night Shift into Stir It Up, but oh well).
Can't wait for the DVD or CD (or whatever they plan on doing with all that footage). Before they came out for the encore, I had an O.A.R. chant going, and a camera man had the camera on me, and a lot of people in my section, for a while. (Fingers crossed) Maybe I will make the DVD too! Can't wait for the next time O.A.R. is in the NJ area! -CityOnDown1130 January 30, 2007
Show was decent. NOT AMAZING!!! Setlist was good, only problem was the crowd SUCKED!! never had everyone standing up. Anyone who says this is one of the best shows theyve been to have not been to good shows. I agree that OAR is amazing, and no matter what ill enjoy their concerts, but dont say their shows are something they arent. Seeing them 3 times the last week i have to say their show at tweeter was the best of the three, and almost as good as MSG last year. Dont knight this show as the best OAR show, it wasnt. -JoeFlo January 30, 2007
im going to have to agree with joe flo on this one. clearly not a great o.a.r. show. the set was decent, but the crowd was surprisingly terrible. there were empty seats everywhere, the crowd was moving around the whole show, and after poker a good 20% of the crowd left. this is probably why they didnt play i feel home in the encore (look at the set, IT WAS ON IT). this was a big disappointment, especially after a great tweeter show a few days earlier and an amazing madison square show last year. with the exception of the people on the floor seats... shame on you crowd.
~brendan -bjb33nyy January 30, 2007
When I heard that OAR was coming to MSG, i was so excited. I counted down the days for like two months until the show, and I was still pumped from the last show of theres that i went to at the PNC Bank Arts Center. OAR always plays an amazing show, as they did at MSG. Although my seats were across the arena, I still felt the vibes from the crowd and everyone seemed into it. However, I was surrounded by groups of 15 year olds making out and dry humping. They were throwing up everywhere, and weren't even paying attention to the music. I'm not saying that there's no time to party, because there definently is, but they were there for the wrong reasons and if they truly wanted to see the band play, they would have stayed sober. The concert overall was amazing, but some of the crowd sucked. I hope that these kids get some sense knocked into them, because I was getting fed up at looking at them. I also really hope that "I feel home" can be played at one of the next shows. It's a classic, and it is what made me fall in love with OAR. -sarah818OAR January 31, 2007
Freaking Amazing! I have been to shows since 1999 and this was by far the best I have ever heard them. I really wanted to download this one, but since its not allowed i can't wait for the DVD to realease! -barrykp January 31, 2007
Holy shit, I didn't even know Jerry had drumsticks!!!!! |: -thidwick15 January 31, 2007
show kicked ass! so much fun... untitled and dareh meyod made my night. living in the end was cool too. im just bummed about i feel home. it even says it on the setlist scan! all well... im sure ill see it in the future. -steviewonder January 31, 2007
Really great show. Tremendous actually. I loved that they played all of the old stuff, because any true O.A.R. fan knows that's where it's at. I was just at G. Love in Philly when they tapped for their DVD, and the set up at MSG seemed pretty much the same. I noticed a few multi-directional microphones placed strategically every hundred feet or so on bot sides of the venue. I was also right next to the sound booth and there were video monitors showing the various cameras. I think we're looking at a new DVD. Highlights: Untitled, Risen, and Dareh Meyod. I've never seen those live before, and let me tell you, I've wanted to for a looooooooong time. Also, an inside O.A.R. source tells me that they guys are getting back into the studio for yet another release. I was really disappointed with the crowd. All of the Long Island kids left after Black Rock to make the train. As a fan, but also as a performer, I think it is ridiculously disrespectful to leave a show early. If you're not going to be able to stay the whole show, then why bother buying tickets? I'm sure there were tons of other people who wanted to actually see and enjoy the WHOLE show. Also, once these kids left, a couple came two rows in front of me and my friend (note that both rows in front of us were empty) and basically had dry sex right in front of us. Seriously, I could have made a mini porno out of it. People need to have some respect for the band and not worry about getting laid.

A note to Nickj5250, Jerry plays the Saxophone, not the Drums, so I'm thinking you caught Chris' drum stick, not Jerry's...

**UGArevolution: I didn't catch (no pun intended) that Jerry was playing drums during Lay Down. Touche. -deisner January 31, 2007
I agree with you Deisner the old stuff is where its at. Im 16 and i love there old stuff way better than there new stuff i just wish some of the other kids my age im not saying all of them would actually come to the conert to enjoy the music instead of ruining it for all the other fans and stop direspecting the band. Highlights of the night were Untitled, Risen and SCO. It was a great show i loved it and cant wait for the dvd. -majortom3123 January 31, 2007
hey deisner, nickj5250 knows what he is talking about, in the middle of lay down jerry and michael paris both pulled out the drumsticks and played for a bit, and at the end of that jerry threw his into the crowd, so ya he caught jerry's not chris's
but ya, the concert was amazing, glad i made the trip up there to see it -UGArevolution January 31, 2007
Best OAR show i've ever seen but probably the worst crowd. I hate most of the new stuff but the L&M opener was actually solid and so was the 52-50 encore. Black Rock and About Mr. Brown were amazing as usual and City on Down was a solid song to close on. I just couldnt stand all the westchester/long island girls who were completely shwasted and seemed as though they had barely hit puberty. They go crazy for L&M and Hey Girl and then spend the rest of the concert trying to hook up with as many 8th grade boys as possible. And like the guy above said, if you're gonna leave early dont come. I might have a bias cause i live down the street from MSG but leaving early is disrespectful and just shows your not a true fan. Maybe if L&M hadnt been played first the middle hs freshmen wouldve stayed, oh well. Can't wait for the DVD. Hope they hit up Jones Beach again this summer. Btw, why does the setlist scan have I Feel Home on it? They definately didnt play that. Were they supposed to? -nycityondown January 31, 2007
Am I the only one who thinks that 52 50 after poker is a let down? I'm sorry. I just don't love that song and I could name 10 that they should have played instead. Plus, how come the scanned set list has I feel home as part of the encore? That could have made the show. the garden would have sang it for them... -kngofthethng2 February 2, 2007
AWESOME -archangel173 February 2, 2007
that is another reason why last years show was better...
plus i think last years setlist was better...this was a sick show, but last years was better..

people say the crowd was better at this show..which is so wrong, the onyl reason they thought that cuz they knew it was beign recorded

you would think for a dvd/cd show, they would play a more fan-based set list..kinda like the 1st show!---they recorded the wrong MSG show

ok night -nhlpunk101 February 2, 2007
On the way down from Worcester, MA my brother and I were thinking what we would say if we were ever to meet OAR. We both agreed that we would thank them for what they have done for us by saying, "no matter how bad a day we had at work or whatever, we can always go home and listen to your guys' music and be reminded of all the good stuff in life." As for the show, it was unbelievable. The energy at MSG was something I've never experienced before. The next show can not come soon enough! See you all at St. Michael's College on April 27! -mattyo17 February 5, 2007
people are always raggin on the crowd. what do you expect when all the college kids are back at school and high school kids are around. we all were those high school kids one day... anyways, the place was packed and electric.

amazing show. they sound incredible right now. -rourkeman4 February 7, 2007
The show was sooo amazing!! I came all the way from Tennessee for the show and was not let down!! I must admit, there were too many obnoxious teeny boppers running around... -LizzieLouBigBeak February 7, 2007
I loved it. -hossrogusehands February 13, 2007
I didn't go, but I just saw the video on MSN. It's amazing that Hey Girl and About An Hour ago can still get 20,000 people rocking after 10 years. The video was a teaser, though. I really wanted to see Living in the End, Crazy Game of Poker, and 52-50... Oh well... DVD will be out soon. -LynxO.A.R. February 28, 2007
easily the greatest night of my life -redhotrevolution22 June 5, 2007
meh... solid setlist but the crowd KILLED the show for me. Next time I want an over 21 section! pub24 4 life! -remthewanderer June 15, 2007
just listen to the cd and you'll forget all about the crowd problems.... -O.A.R.fan4Life July 8, 2007
one of the best times of my life, thank you for putting on such a great show! -MSG12707 July 22, 2007
I had to sit behind the stage because I bought tickets at the last minute, but the show was still phenominal. -sometimesisunderated August 11, 2007
great show..flew all the way up from atlanta..well worth it..cant wait for MSG '08! -skinnybwb03 August 12, 2007
unreal show, best i have seen... you can see me in the OAR @ MSG poster, so that's pretty cool too... have seen you guys 3 times since this show and you guys sound better and better each time! -billyk89 August 13, 2007
nowhere near as good as the first Garden show although most of it had to do with the crowd. Many people (including some of the people I was with) had no interest in the concert at all most of which being 15-16 year olds making out with random people in the aisles but I had a great time at least. -oleosmirf December 8, 2007
Just got done watching the MSG DVD with two of my buddies the other night, which we found out we were in and just wanted to point out that that night was the best night of my life. The CD, DVD, and the entire atmosphere of it will go down in history. setlist was amazing. we need another one of those nights boys. -oarfan35 August 5, 2008