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Album Stats
Souls Aflame: 35%
In Between Now and Then: 18%
Stories Of A Stranger: 12%
Risen: 12%
King: 6%
All Sides: 6%
The Wanderer: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 34.47%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Lifestyle Communities Pavilion 07.27.2007 - Columbus, OH With: Augustana
  1. Set 1:
    1. Road Outside Columbus
    2. Risen
    3. Night Shift
    4. Whose Chariot?
    5. Untitled
    6. What Is Mine
    7. Heard the World
    8. King of the Thing
    9. To Zion Goes I ->
    10. Hey Girl
    11. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) ->
    12. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker *
    13. Love and Memories
    14. I Feel Home &
    15. City on Down (Organ Intro)
  2. Encore:
    1. Irish Rose ~
    2. Delicate Few
~ Marc solo.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Ari Goldstein of Ordinary Peoples on vocals.

Aaron Pitcock
Duh Vid

Reviews my 16th show, and definately one of the best. so glad to hear untitled and zion goes i!!! second time ive heard what is mine, i think they've really improved it and its gonna be a great great song. Delicate was an amazing closer and encore (glad they didnt end the show with the sell out and hey girl) but AWESOME show. -MrsMoon July 28, 2007
Amazing setlist.
Zion was rediculous... especially how they transitioned it into Hey Girl.
ROC couldn't have started it off any better...
Ari Goldstein from OP was an awsome suprise.
Everything was solid... and I loved every minute of it. CRAZY energy throughout the whole show.

Crowd not soo good. Lots of crowd surfing... -Jborders12 July 28, 2007
insane show.. only hte 4th i've been to and its been the best of all of them.. ari was a heck of a surprise and had the place groovin on poker and delicate few as the closer.. couldn't get any better.. now if only we can get rid of hte HS kids who are more concerned about where the after party is and sneaking beer... -MMoore4720 July 28, 2007
My 22nd show and by far the best non MSG show I have seen. THEY PLAYED ZION !!! The energy from the crowd was just amazing. -AtownRounder87 July 28, 2007
I've seen OAR 5 times from July 2006 to July 2007... and this was the best concert. Coulda done without To Zion but other than that it was awesome. the crowd was into it, and even a little for Augustana. In the bottom area there wasn't a whole lot of crowd surfing which made it enjoyable. Columbus is the best show to see OAR live at. Loved the fact that Marc gave a shoutout to the troops before playing I feel home. Just a bad ass concert in general. -Gotta Get Away July 28, 2007
WOW. that is all i have to say. i fucking LOVE O.A.R. and i fucking LOVE columbus one i've been to in YEARS. I knew Ari would be there and he made my night! Zion was incredible, Delicate Few was "the best of the tour" as Marc said while they all stood in awe of us singing so many words w/o music...i mean wow...i'm still reeling from last night...i wish i could bottle it up and take it with me everywhere! -oarfan420 July 28, 2007
GREAT SHOW!! one of the best i've been to. if any1 has a recording please let me know!! -mrbrown16 July 28, 2007
The show was incredible, best one I've seen, zion was so great to hear, and the new version of see you cry is unbelievable. You could tell the band was really enjoying themselves on stage, and this was definitely one to remember. -jeffmtk July 28, 2007
After flying into Columbus on friday afternoon after I had just seen them in Chicago on thurs, I can say that this show was much better than the one in chicago. The crowd here was amazing. The whole atmosphere was incredible! -3rd_wise_man July 28, 2007
WOW! Awesome set list! Whole show was great and the crowd energy was crazy!!! Only the 3rd show I've been to but definately the best one!!! -dakota721 July 28, 2007
I just want to thank OAR for this show. It was amazing from beginning to end. The lead-ins were nuts and I'm so glad Delicate Few was in the Encore. I'd have to say my favorite parts of the night were Untitled and See You Cry, the lyrics and music Marc has put together for that song are ridiculously great. Just an all around fantastic show. -mkrcc12 July 28, 2007
The show was fantastic, only my second show, but the atmosphere for the Pavillion was incredible. Maybe a little too many drunk crows surfers, a few of my friends got pummeled and tackled. But I especially got a kick out of Road Outside Columbus as the opener with the scarlet and gray lighting!
It was awesome to hear Untitled, To Zion Goes I, and Whose Chariot live for the first time, and Delicate Few made an amazing closer -brz2889 July 28, 2007
my 3rd show so far. My second show in columbus and this show blew last years out of the water. The best concert i've ever been to. Couldnt have asked for a better setlist and the crowd energy was like nothing i've ever seen before. I'm still on cloud nine. Last night is what makes O.A.R. so special great crowd energy, electric atmosphere, and a kick ass band. Thanks fellas I got exactly what i wanted, and if anyone taped the show i would love to have it -roadoutsidecbus July 28, 2007
awesome show - they just keep getting better and better for me - i think everyone needs to experience a columbus show sometime - the energy was awesome from the band and the crowd - to Zion was nailed and i loved it - that was my highlight - ari was sicc and i cant wait to see them in columbus again! -oldmatime July 28, 2007
First off I would love to thank Marc and the rest of the band for playing my favorite song To Zion Goes I for me, marc told me before they got on the bus to leave in chicago that they practiced it and they would hit me up with it in columbus, and i don't think they could have done any better. Jerry saw me out in the crowd also holding up my white #7 jersey and pointed me out which made it even better. That was the best show i have ever been to, the energy was there, and talk about an amazing set. we'll have to see if they can top that next year!!
-Biskits2305 July 28, 2007
this show was amazing.. the setlist was insane.. one of the best crowds i've been a part of. the band really seemed to be enjoying themselves. marc sang see you cry with such passion,and i love the new version. amazing. -sammie12991 July 28, 2007
My first OAR show, and I must say that it was beyond all expectations. I knew it would be grand, but I was not prepared for just how much fun it was. Marc came out to introduce Augustana, which I thought was very impressive. How many headliners do that for their openers? I have been to a lot of other concerts, all across the musical spectrum, and everything about this show made it my favorite show ever. There were quite a few high schoolers that were pests from time to time, but all in all, the crowd was spectacular. The energy of about 4,000 voices singing together for the whole show still has me wired nearly 24 hours later! Thanks to the band and their crew for such a treat. I look forward to more shows in my future! :) -ukmusicfiend July 29, 2007
what a great show. that was my 3rd time seeing them and there was something special about last night. that was probably the greatest crowd that i have ever been a part of and it was a true rock show. the guys brought it especially marc. -rocco52 July 29, 2007
By far the best show I have seen to date! The set list was AMAZING! Loved every single song!! I thought Poker w/ Ari was awesome!! It was my mom's first O.A.R. concert and we had such a great time! Definitely will be taking her to many more shows to come! -carlysusor August 2, 2007
my first OAR show, simply incredible energy the whole show. i'll never forget that night... -jhawksley August 6, 2007
This show could not have been any better. To start off the day, my friends and I were walking down the street the LC was on and we just happened to see Benj and Jerry with his daughter, Sophie. We got their autographs and we talked to them a bit. Them some more of my friends came back to meet Richard and Chris; Chris signed mine and my friends shirt!!!! It was amazing. The setlist was damn good, so good to hear Delicate Few, What Is Mine and a nice first time to hear To Zion Goes I. What was amazing is that we got every member of the band to wave or wink to us because we were front row dead center!!!! It was so amazing I got Mike to actually lean over his keys and point to me, Chris pointed to my friends and we got Jerry, Benj and Mark to wink!!! -depizz0_fan07 August 11, 2007
AMAZING! Best crowd too. Marc was really into the music. Got to the gate round noon and waited till it opened. Both Richard and Benj walked by after the gym and talked for lil bit. invited to watch sound check and meet em and get autographs!! AHH! Great concert! -MowDawg February 29, 2008