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Album Stats
All Sides: 30%
The Wanderer: 25%
Souls Aflame: 15%
Stories Of A Stranger: 10%
In Between Now and Then: 10%
Rain Or Shine: 5%
Cover Songs: 5%

Show Rarity: 31.34%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Charter One Pavilion At Northerly Island 06.18.2009 - Chicago, IL With: Robert Randolph & The Family Band
  1. Set 1:
    1. About Mr. Brown
    2. Living in the End
    3. Right on Time
    4. So Moved On
    5. Risen
    6. Dinner Last Night
    7. Tonight
    8. Conquering Fools
    9. About an Hour Ago
    10. I Feel Home &
    11. The Wanderer *
    12. Shattered (Turn the Car Around) *
    13. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker *
    14. On My Way *
    15. Black Rock (Bongo Intro)
    16. Lay Down
    17. War Song
    18. This Town
  2. Encore:
    1. Fool in the Rain $
    2. Love and Memories
& Marc and Richard.
* full band acoustic.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
$ with Robert Randolph of Robert Randolph & The Family Band on pedal steel.
This show was recorded for the Rain Or Shine release.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews I don't think they can top this concert. AMAZING is the only word to describe it. Robert Randolph and O.A.R. are the perfect combination for a perfect show. I really hope this was recorded because I want to relive it again and again! -City_On_Down June 18, 2009
PERFECT! That was the most amazing show I have ever seen in my entire life! I had front row, kinda close to Benj, but a little off to the side. It was kinda weird cause he looked at me a lot too, I got a few pictures of him looking straight at me.

The curtain drop near the middle of the show was so awesome too. They used the double-display thing that they showed in the prelude and that was sick.

I could not have picked a better song selection either. Of course there are a few songs from All Sides, like Dinner Last Night, which would've been way better if it was Something Coming Over, or some other really exciting song.

I also thought the acoustic set was incomprehensibly good. The songs they played worked so well too. I also loved The Family Band when they opened, the bass drum was way too loud though... I was right in front of the amp... it hurt pretty bad.

If anyone has this recored in any way at all, please tell me. This was possibly the greatest show I will ever see and I REALLY want a recording. PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU HAVE ONE. -Loguee June 19, 2009
Pretty amazing show. Typical crowd, so not the greatest :p but had an awesome time either way. Caught Jerrys drumstick after the laydown breakdown, which was sick. Was so happy to hear Tonight, didn't think I'd ever hear it live. :) -BKrupa June 19, 2009
Wooooooooowwww, simlply WOW. This show was so amazing I can't stop thinking about it. This was my 15th and one of my favorite shows I've been to. I about creamed myself when they played tonight. I also never thought I would ever hear that song live, with a rarity of around 3% but they played it and blew my freakin mind. Love that song! They could have taken a dump on stage after that song and it still would have been an amazing show. But instead they busted out 13 more bangers. I wasn't at all dissapointed with not hearing Hey Girl, Delicate Few, City on Down and their other classics because I know they will most likely play all of these songs tonight for their second show. Sooooo glad to hear fool in the rain, also another one I never thought I would hear live and I did. Loooove hearing on my way and seeing them drop the curtain to rock our worlds very cool. I'm digging the acoustic set in the middle of the show, very cool, and I like the video they did for this town with all the chicago landmarks and famous places...nicely done.

I always hear these people on these reviews complaining about the crowd and drunk teenagers or whatever, and I never really was bothered by them......but this show. This show the crowd was rediculous with drunk dumb teenagers. Fighting, crowd surfing and all that other dumb shit Marc doesn't like seeing. I can't tell you how many times teens asked me for a sip of my beer....a sip really?? WTF is a sip gonna do? Grow up and sneak in a flask like I used to do haha.

Anyway, can't wait for the tonights show I'm sure they'll have a few more surprises for us. O.A.R. you guys never cease to amaze me. KEEP IT UP!! -programstranger June 19, 2009
Excellent show & setlist! It's hard to ever beat a show with RRFB opening for O.A.R.!!!! So awesome that Robert came out to play Fool in the Rain . . . I have been waiting to see that live. This was my 16th show, and quite amazing! Looking forward to tonight's show, and hopefully it's "not going to rain on tonight's parade . . . Oh no no!" -whiteghostz June 19, 2009
FOOL IN THE RAIN???!?!?? I almost passed out. Was a great night. Got to meet Benj on our way into the show, these guys are so nice and open to talking to fans. The best guys in the world. Pretty decent crowd, but we were in the front, so don't have to deal with the drunk ass kids as much as in the back. Still wish their parents would pick them up early so you could actually pay attention to the show the entire time! I love the acoustic set in the middle of the show...I Feel Home is best played that way I think. And Tonight was a fun surprise, followed by Conquering Fools, About an Hour Ago...that stretch of songs never ended! The weather was perfect and I hope it does the same for tonight's show. Can't wait to see what they play tonight!!!!! 2 days of amazing O.A.R. in my backyard has made my summer... -OAR14 June 19, 2009
My third O.A.R. show and it was incredible. The setlist was so damn good and the band seemed to really enjoy the entire night, even with the threat of terrible storms. The night turned out to be beautiful and so did the show.

About Mr. Brown- GREAT opener, the new intro jam that transitioned into the song was awesome. One of my faves. Crowd went nuts when Marc said, "won't let it rain on tonight's parade." Amazing way to start off the night.

Living in the End- Love it. Great song from the new album. Crowd sang a lot of it which surprised me.

Right On Time- Sped things up and got the crowd moving. A really great song, just disappointed to not see a lot of the crowd singing this one.

So Moved On- Awesome version. But again, slightly disappointed to not see the crowd all that into it.

Risen- NOW the crowd is singing. Awesome, first time I've heard it live and loved every second.

Dinner Last Night- One of my fave tracks off of ALL SIDES. The lights were great on this one. Sounded great.

Tonight- We're goin' waaaaaay back. Great song, and a GREAT performance. Very rare to hear, so this made me happy.

Conquering Fools- Another one of my faves. Third time hearing it live, and it never gets old.

About An Hour Ago- Crowd sings like crazy on this one which makes me happy. Always solid with a nice keys solo.

I Feel Home- Crowd sings loud an clear for the band. Beautiful.

The Wanderer- Acoustic version, and it sounded AWESOME. One I've wanted to hear for awhile and it was absolutely incredible.

Shattered- Acoustic version, and honestly, I liked it better than the studio. Sounded great.

That Was a Crazy Game of Poker- Acoustic version, and it shocked me. I like the full band version a lot, but loved the change.

On My Way- Half acoustic, half "plugged in." One of the best of the night. The lights, the music, everything made it incredible.

Black Rock- What can I say, Awesome.

Lay Down- Great version, and still loving the drum jam.

War Song- Becoming a "staple" in their show. SO good live.

This Town- Crowd goes nuts, Chicago symbols all over the screens made it very entertaining. Good set closer.

Fool in the Rain (w/ Robert Randolph)- WOW, simply amazing. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

Love and Memories- Wanted a City on Down closer, but a really good version of this and was pleased. Lot of crowd energy to end the night. Solid closer.

--Incredible show. Can't make it tonight, but the weather doesn't look so great anyways. Can't wait til next year...maybe this winter?? -wanderer465 June 19, 2009
so moved on, risen, conquering fools, right on time, TONIGHT!!!! the first 8 song stretch was amazing. I am so happy they played poker acoustically, so much better than a 20 minute version, the video during this town was a nice addition, hopefully they keep that going in all the major cities. Fool In The Rain was a good one to hear and an acoustic Wanderer was excellent.

Now for the complaints. I am tired of Shattered, I am tired of all the drunk ass little girls who decide to push their way to the front for that song and end up putting their elbows into my sides and knocking beer out of my hand. That's $10 wasted because you heard the song once on the radio...I needed to get that out sorry. Love and Memories is getting a little old honestly, it's not that bad of a song but when you hear it at EVERY show and now its like poker, its not if but WHEN they play it. The other one they need to retire for a bit is Lay Down, the percussion solo/jam they have put in it is AWESOME. I absolutely LOVE it, but it seems like they play it a bit too much. Put it to rest for a tour, pull it out once in a blue moon, and replace it with an older song that isnt played often ( e.g. To Zion Goes I)

I normally say shows are great or pretty good or what not and don't complain but I had to get that out. Overall, this was a great setlist, great show and bringing out Robert Randolph for Fool in the Rain was INCREDIBLE. Keep up the great work guys. -tfcolucci June 20, 2009
what a show!!! fool in the rain will be my all time o.a.r. memory. robert randolph blew me away...i will say the 6/19 show was better cuz of the delay and the rain. no wailers though but o.a.r. came on at nine. seemed like they loved how everyone stayed. o.a.r. back to back is unreal. -kharaf June 20, 2009
This show was absolutely AMAZING. It's their second show I've been to and I loved it. I hope they come back to central/ northern IL this fall. I couldn't agree with the other comments any more. Fool In The Rain was one of my favorites of the night and the acoustic version of shattered was great. I hope they recorded this and provide it later. Perfect set list and great vibes! -kevinknowles August 26, 2009
It was an amazing show. A little disappointed that they didn't play City on Down. Warsong and Laydown were great. This Town with the video was really cool. Can't wait til next year's show!! -kkrup71 October 28, 2009
BEST SHOW/SET LIST I have seen out of 7 shows so far! I loved the format of the show. The Acoustic set was great. But the definate highlight of the show was On My Way! The transition mid song from acoustic to good old O.A.R. rocking out was amazing! "Rain or Shine" is gonna be amazing! Fool In The Rain with Robert Randolph was another highlight of the show!! We were there at 9am for the show that night. Front and center three years straight! No better place to see O.A.R. rock out than on the Lake in Chicago!! Best show i've ever seen!! -foolintherain25 October 29, 2009