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Album Stats
Souls Aflame: 29%
Risen: 24%
All Sides: 18%
In Between Now and Then: 12%
The Wanderer: 12%
Rain Or Shine: 6%

Show Rarity: 32.44%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Charter One Pavilion At Northerly Island 06.19.2009 - Chicago, IL With: The Wailers
  1. Set 1:
    1. Revisited ->
    2. Night Shift
    3. Someone in the Road ->
    4. Whose Chariot?
    5. King of the Thing
    6. On Top the Cage
    7. Here's to You
    8. Untitled
    9. Hey Girl (Date Intro)
    10. What Is Mine
    11. Delicate Few
    12. City on Down
    13. Whatever Happened
    14. Get Away (Fast)
  2. Encore:
    1. Rhythm of Your Shoes
    2. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    3. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
This show was recorded for the Rain Or Shine release.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews First off, I had high expectations for this show, mainly because of looking at the setlist from the night previous as well as it being my first time seeing O.A.R. in Chicago, knowing they never disappoint in that city.

They didn't disappoint this night either. After the concert was delayed because of thunderstorms, I was worried that the show might be cancelled or suck. O.A.R. came on around 9:00 at night when the rain had let up. The show did not include the acoustic set and displays that had previously been used on other stops on the "This Town" tour.

Anyways, Revisited is an awesome opener. I love hearing anything and everything from In Between Now and Then. The highlights for me were definitely Here's To You, Untitled, City On Down, and Get Away (I went insane for Get Away). Jerry really killed it all night, he was all around the stage. For one of his solos, he was pretty much way off to the side of the crowd with a spotlight on him just owning. Marc had some really good freestyles. I think he did an entire verse of What Is Mine freestyling, because I didn't recognize it for sure. Something along the lines of "The rain went away, so here we are." during On Top The Cage was great.

Finally, I know they play it every night almost, but Poker rounded the evening out well. I absolutely love the new intro they've been playing, and there was a new interlude in there somewhere that was awesome too. You can tell Marc is into it when he was singing without his guitar and walking around the stage. I think the band overall fed off the fact that so many of us sat and waited through the rain and the delay.

I had a great time at this concert and hope I have enough cash/time to see them again this summer! -ramalam June 21, 2009
Great show although it was delayed and we didn't see the Wailers. I was front row again and Jerry did a solo right in front of me on an amp. It was crazy. -Loguee June 21, 2009
So worth the wait...totally different show than Thursday night, but just as fabulous! My 2 favorites Here's to You and Untitled back to back was the highlight for me. I really like Rhythm of Your Shoes too and I don't think too many people know that one. These guys never disappoint, loved Marc dancin all over the stage and Jerry played his ass off all night...damn he is unreal!! It makes the band what they are, so musically talented unlike any other band out there. And I agree with just gotta love Poker, even though it's the only song the crazy drunk teenagers know, it's still so much fun every time. Great night!!! -OAR14 June 21, 2009
Best o.a.r. ive ever been too. well worth waiting tonight. alot of people got refunds but the energy in general admission was unbelievable. i was dead center third row. on top the cage, heres to you, city on down, GET AWAY, and poker were insane. to booze was deffinately flowin during the storm. a few losers fighting but still sick sick show. hoping for a winter tour date in the chi. but two days in a row was unforgetable. o.a.r. deffinately played their hearts out for the fans that waited in the storm. -kharaf June 21, 2009
AMAZING! This was the better of the two nights, far and away. 2 hour delay, no wailers and random rain throughout the show did not stop the guys from rocking. There was no break in this show, they ended one great song and started into another. The guys knew they had to hustle through a few songs so they seagued Revisited into Night Shift into Whose Chariot. No break whatsoever. Singing Delicate Few in the rain was awesome and Jerry jumping on the amps to solo during Hey Girl was crazy. I am sure the guys got fined by the city or charged time and a half by the Union because they went after 11, but you could tell they were enjoying the night and they wanted to thank the crowd who stuck around through the storms.

Highlights: On Top of the Cage, Get Away closer, Whatever Happened, Jerry jamming on the amp in front of us, singing Delicate Few in the rain and actually watching the show that night with the Chicago skyline in the background (they took down the "walls" around the stage because the wind was too strong during the storms)

What made this show even better was meeting a couple other people who went to Bonnaroo this year. My buddy and I expected to meet at least a few people who went but we never did on Thursday. We were waiting for the show to start on Friday when two people came up and I saw their wristbands and instead of introducing ourselves, I just stuck my wristband next to her's. -tfcolucci June 21, 2009
This was a pretty incredible night. The guys really brought the energy and seemed to appreciate all the people who waited. They easily made it worth it!

I loved the setlist and even got to hear a few songs that I hadn't prior. We met some good random people around us toward the front and the crowd wasn't too bad, minus a few small skirmishes.

Anyway, it's shows like this that really make me appreciate O.A.R. more and more, even after listening to them for 10 years. It was just a ridiculously amazing feeling out there in the Chicago air with the rain and music surrounding us. -GypsySon June 21, 2009
This was an amazing show. You could tell they loved every minute of it and they were so appreciative that we hung around in the rain. The setlist was awesome, I cant believe they played rhythm of your shoes that was amazing. I loved both nights and wish they would've made these into a live cd!! -herestoyou102 June 21, 2009
I drove into town about 2 hours before the show was supposed to start and was thinking that it was pretty hot and muggy. Maybe it wasn't that hot but I'm from CO. After dropping someone off, we drove back through downtown as the storm ripped through the city. Now I'm thinking that either the show was going to be canceled or the temperature was going to be perfect.

The delay gave us a little time to tailgate but I think the crowd was late getting back not expecting the Wailers to get bumped. The weather did turn out to be perfect and when the first of the 2 brief downpours started the crowd definitely kicked it into another gear. Some people did leave as the reserved area was maybe half full but the pit was on fire.

The best was when the fog rolled through downtown and across the skyline which was visible through the open stage. Amazing. -mexdawg77 June 21, 2009
The guys really brought the energy with them after the rain had stopped (although rain fell at random times during the show).

Amazing set, would happily wait for the gates to open every time I saw them for sets like this. -Phil June 21, 2009
Went to both shows, and though I loved the first show, this one was far from a disappointment. Delicate Few when it was raining was amazing, and Marc seemed to really enjoy the crowd. I could not have asked for a better two nights, PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE TAPED THEM!!! Thank you -jkoszulinski9 June 22, 2009
Wow what a setlist. I really hope they consider these shows for their next live cd. I mean Revisited->Night Shift, Someone in the Road->Whose Chariot to start! That's sick. -LITE14 June 22, 2009
What can I say that hasn't been said? Unreal show. -BKrupa June 22, 2009
Can somebody confirm for me the difference between "Revisited" and "Ladanday"? I was at this show, and I distinctly remember Marc singing "Now he sang out loud to a unified crowd, Singing something bout thought he was. But the crowd didn't care bout the air up there, etc..." in the opening song. These lyrics are included in "Ladanday" but not "Revisited." Just wondering if maybe the opening song was actually "Ladanday" and not "Revisted." Anybody have any thoughts?

That's about the only information I have found about the two songs too...I'd be interested to see a setlist from the guys themselves. It would be intriguing to see which song it actually was. -keydawg_12 June 26, 2009
Revisited is essentially a newer version of Ladanday. If I'm correct, the song actually began as merely a new take on the older song. That is why they contain very similar lyrics. Although I've never heard that particular verse included in Revisited, I wouldn't put it past Marc to include some of the older lyrics in a freestyle of the newer song. Although I prefer the older version of Ladanday, they are both great songs. Hope that helps. -stevep898 June 27, 2009
I hope the band does this exact show in Hartford...amazing set list -dylanfan August 1, 2009
I think this show may have been one of the best I've ever seen. The storm left a crowd that was definitely there to see O.A.R. and there to have an awesome time. It was definitely obvious that the band fed off the crowd and they played an amazing show with an amazing set. I wish every O.A.R. show I see could be just like this - the energy from the entire night was amazing! -bullet_blue October 31, 2009