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Album Stats
All Sides: 32%
The Wanderer: 26%
Souls Aflame: 16%
Stories Of A Stranger: 11%
Cover Songs: 11%
In Between Now and Then: 5%

Show Rarity: 36.09%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Madison Square Garden 08.15.2009 - New York, NY With: Brett Dennen / Matt Nathanson
  1. Set 1:
    1. About Mr. Brown
    2. About an Hour Ago
    3. Untitled
    4. Conquering Fools
    5. Something Coming Over
    6. I Feel Home &
    7. Love and Memories *
    8. What Is Mine *
    9. On My Way *
    10. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    11. Black Rock (Bongo Intro)
    12. City on Down
    13. Lay Down
    14. War Song
    15. Whose Chariot?
  2. Encore:
    1. Fool in the Rain $
    2. This Town #
    3. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  3. Encore 2:
    1. With a Little Help from My Friends $ # %
* full band acoustic.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
$ with Robert Randolph on pedal steel.
# with DJ Logic on turntables.
% with Matt Nathanson on vocals.

Chuck Sclafani
Mike Sarnovsky
Chuck Sclafani (Matt Nathanson opener)

Reviews THIS SHOW RULED!!!! ON POINT!! THIS WAS A SUPERB SETLIST FOR THE GARDEN!! TOTALLY not disappointed with one piece of the show. I was down in section 4 row H aisle and recorded it...quality came out great; look for my recording later this week :-)

COMPLETELY AWESOME when the crew shot off confetti during poker it reminded me of the confetti guns during a DMB show at the garden!! It totally got the crowd fired up. And the confetting wasnt just ANY confetti....the confetti was made up of poker symbols such as the clubs, spades, and hearts. The band totally set a new bar for their shows at the Garden. BEST SHOW YET handsdown! Robert Randolph on FOOL IN THE RAIN....TOTALLY unexpected! didnt see that one coming! he was mind blowing. The DJ on THIS TOWN gave the song a new rythm to beats anyone? it was basically a THIS TOWN remix...def a fan. It was cool that after poker one would have thought the show was over....NOPE...lights stayed down and the HD screens stood lit. WHAT WAS GOING TO COME NEXT?!?!?! what could top this OUT OF THIS WORLD EVENING!?!!?
Back out came OAR and guests: Robert Randolph, that DJ guy, and Matt Nathanson with a SUPERB ON-POINT STELLAR rendition of their tribute to the Beatles'/Joe Cocker's WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (most may recognize it as the theme to the show WONDER YEARS).
WAR SONG was stellar. Another HIGHLIGHT was during Whose Chariot out of NOWHERE Jerry DePizzo appeared amongst the crowd over in about section 124. CROWD WENT NUTS!!! "thats my friend jerry over there" (marc quote). stellar version of whose chariot. It was cool that jerry kept playing as he was guided back to the stage by his security men. He is a sneaky one. There were times he would hang on the side of the stage in the shadows and then out of the blue pull something like that or appear at the edge of the stage...within like 3 feet of the crowd.
This show will for a long time live in INFAMY!!!
200% A-GAME!!

SIDENOTE: I also recorded Matt Nathanson's set. If someone could give me a heads up with his setlist that would be great as I don't know all the names of his songs -dmbgreystreet05 August 16, 2009
This was honestly one of my favorite shows ive ever heard. the whole thing was just absolutely godlike. about mr brown opener was soo freakin good. not to mention the dj in this town! i really hope this eventually gets put up on because i want to relive this concert. -NyCityOnDown18 August 16, 2009
Awesome show! O.A.R. at MSG III - The setlist was incredible. Great opening - About Mr. Brown! The acoustic set was outstanding. Was surprised how good L & M sounded acoustically! Poker rocked the house. What a night. -bpotty23 August 16, 2009
My 9th show, and my favorite show. The selist was perfect, OAR did a great job picking out what songs to play. Starting off with Mr. Brown, playing Love and Memories acousitc, City on Down in the middle, and then finishing with great versions of War Song and Whose Chariot? And who can forget Jerry showing up in the middle of the crowd and playing a solo!

Now the encore is where this night became epic. I read reviews where fans dont like when OAR plays cover songs and I 100 percent disagree. They play Fool in the rain perfect. Then they played an awsome version of This Town with a NY DJ. Then probably my favorite 2 songs of the night. Poker and Lil Help From My Friends. Seeing everyone in Madison Sqaure Garden sing along to these 2 songs is amazing. Its great to be apart of something like that.

It looked like Marc and the whole band had a fun time playing. It was a great show, they should be proud. -jerry4president August 16, 2009
This show is probably my dream setlist. Minus maybe one All Sides song, this was damn near perfect. About Mr. Brown opener was sick. About An Hour Ago, Untitled. And Conquering Fools. I wanted that song so bad. I got it, and I started freaking out. I LOVE fools. The opening riff, and I just EXPLODED. We didn't have exactly the best seats, but the Garden was rockin'! The acoustic version of Love and Memories was great. Especially the comment "Whoever said you can't dance during an acoustic set was wrong!"

They did their All Sides songs, then brought it back into a sweet Black Rock jam, and a sweet City on Down. The crowd was lovin' it. Lay Down was sick, and War Song is one of the few All Sides songs I like, and the crowd was digging it. Whose Chariot is a great song, totally underplayed, and I loved that too. Frankly I think that I didn't not like any song on this set.

And as for the encore. Oh boy. I said to my dad (he takes me to all the shows) at the beginning of the show, "I bet they've brought Randolph and they'll rip Fool in The Rain." Sure enough, they bring out the pedal steel, and we start freaking out again. What a great song. Love it. Then DJ Logic! What a great version of This Town. That was great. The Poker was amazing. It was cool of them to chop off the devils intro though. I think that that would have totally killed the vibe. The confetti. Wow. That was great too. We heard Little Help last year, so we kind of knew that was coming, but still. An amazing set.

For the record, we were sitting in section 329 Row B. Terrible seats, nearly behind the stage. Do I regret getting those seats? NO! Five stars, an amazing set. I don't know how you could top this.

O.A.R. is an always will be one of my favorite bands. Keep rockin' the garden boys, I'll be coming back every time. -OARfan232 August 16, 2009
This was my 7th and most amazing OAR show I've ever seen. I've been to three of the shows this past week (MD, Bethel, and MSG) and just can't believe how good last night was. The confetti during Poker was genius and everyone's solos were out of control. Mike's during one of the first songs was phenomenal, his piano skills are out of control and when Jerry went into the crowd I've never heard better sax playing.

We got to meet Rick before the show, thanks again for Bethel!

I think the best part of the night was meeting people around us. OAR has the best fans around, and the people sitting around us were great, we spent the night trying to guess the set list and had a great time making new OAR friends.

OAR 6th row at MSG is going to be a hard show to top. The guys in the band really did the Garden justice (: -LianaNobile August 16, 2009
AMAZING!!! -yanks2001543 August 16, 2009
WOW!!! Truly the most amazing, energetic and mind-blowing show ever!! The Setlist and Guests for the evening were perfect!! Thanks O.A.R. for another memorable and special evening... xoxo -dolfin811 August 16, 2009
Not bad, about as good as it gets for O.A.R. but just okay for overall quality of a show. They seem to just come up short now that I'm getting older and widening my music library O.A.R. just seems to be staying the same, they're an average band with average talent -dmb710 August 16, 2009
Um, wow. -grux62 August 16, 2009
Are you serious??? I won't have a voice at work all week but couldn't care less. GREAT SHOW. If they had played Hey Girl, this would have been the best setlist of all time. City on Down followed by black rock and lay down...incredible. This was my 23rd and best all around show. LOVE THIS BAND -proberts August 16, 2009


AMAZING.AT A LOSS FOR WORDS -nhlpunk101 August 16, 2009
yes yes yes. thanx o.a.r. for making my night here in NY special. the whole night was amazing. don't know where to begin.haha. you rock. thanx again Jerry!

P -anyway August 16, 2009
Unbelietvable! My 10th show and by far the best. They out do themselves every time they play here, its amazing. I'm still at a loss for words, can't wait to hear the recording. -slick923 August 16, 2009
That show was insane. By far the best O.A.R. show, and for that matter the best concert that I have ever been to. Energy was insane. And double Encore? Can't beat that. Also, during Whose chariot Jerry walked into the crowd and jammed from a random section in the upper rows of the garden. So sick, 10/10...O.A.R. rocks. -thewanderer11 August 16, 2009
whose chariot was insane, poker was so good had the garden going nuts. this town remix was very unexpected, all in all best concert of my life -jack9440 August 16, 2009
What can I say, this was by far the greatest OAR performance/concert that I have ever been too. I think we all went into this concert with huge expectations and the crew didnt dissapoint from the opener Mr. Brown to the sick remix style of this town is was amazing. Not to mention the two cover songs from Led Zepplin and the double encore presentation from the Beatles with a little help from my friend. I would never have thought they would come back out like that. OAR met those expectations and went beyond them as well. ALthough the summer is coming to an end I cannot wait for next summer so we can attend more concerts, these concerts bring me and my friends together in so many ways and its just a great time each year. OAR at MSG are the best concerts I have ever been too from winter of 07 to the summer of 09 this concert went over and beyond. I just thank god I had the oppertunity to go and so history with a double encore. Before they came out to sing with a little help fromm my friends I asked my buddy "have they ever done a double encore, wouldnt that be sick to see?" and right after I said that out came the crew to put the icing on top of the Garden. Amazing performance. Jerry for president. -oarfan35 August 16, 2009
this show was incredible...i was in the last row of the 300s, and when i got there i wasnt sure how good the seats would be...the seats ended up being awesome, and im pretty convinced there isnt a bad show in the house. this was my third show, and i had yet to see them play black rock, which is one of my favorite songs they produced...not only did i get black rock, but i got war song, untitled, about an hour ago, what is mine, and poker, which are some of my favorites they have put out. also, i dont know if any of you watched the video board during war song, but that really hit home to me...that was definately one of the highlights of the show...great job guys.
the one thing that really pissed me off...i had about 7 young males (about 16 or 17) behind me...really guys, grow up? there was a door at the top of my section they opened every 30 seconds the entire show, and everytime it took my attention cause the light caught the corner of my eye. also, if your smoking a blunt/bowl/joint in a closed arena, which btw are illegal, to clarify that for you guys, dont draw even more attention to yourselves. i was waiting for them to get thrown out the entire show. my one other issue with the show is im all for people drinking, but really, grow up...there is no need for people getting abosulutely sauced and not being able to control themselves...other then that, AMAZING SHOW...watching these guys play live is one of only times im genuinely happy...and i agree with NYcityondown18...this show needs to be on oarlive so i can never forget it...cant wait for toronto... -the_abod August 16, 2009
Been to a bunch of concerts in my life and this was by far my favorite. Unreal setlist, two cover songs and a double encore!!! Absolutely amazing.
This town remix was awesome and Jerry in the crowd...thats pretty much all i need to say.
Always love when they start off with a classic and Mr. Brown was perfect.
MSG is just an amazing venue for them to play in... the crowds are always the best and the energy is out of control. Cant wait for their next show at the garden
Unbelievable show!!! -newyorkcityondown August 16, 2009
This show was awesome! My 10th OAR and was the best of the 10. Although the setlist didn't feature any rare songs, the energy of the crowd and the intensity made up for it!! Can't wait for another Garden experience. -yankjet82000 August 16, 2009
I will say I was def impressed by the guys preformance in the Garden, it was my 33rd show and this was one of the better shows I've seen (I highly doubt anything will top the 9:30 Club shows in 2004 for me)

Lots of energy, strong set and a good selection of guests, they def have learned from being on the road for so long and the confetti was a cool touch. It was cool to see them play to the crowd so much and Jerry's sax solo from the seats was in cool touch. Thanks guys for putting on a good show and causing me to remember why I keep seeing you guys over and over ... -firedwarftj August 16, 2009
This was my 9th show, I came from Boston and it blew me away. The setlist was ridiculous and the encore was insane not to mention jerry (the man) jamming out with the crowd in their section with a spotlight on him. I hope they release a cd and dvd like the last one so I can relive this legendary night. GO SOX -KINGOFTHETHING05 August 16, 2009
What a show! I would have to say the part that really hit me hard was "On My Way". I loved hearing "What Is Mine" acoustic and "Conqering Fools" was an awesome treat. Maybe the sickest show I've been to. Thanks for never disappointing guys. -sometimesisunderated August 17, 2009
Clearly a great show. Thanks for playing Fool in the Rain guys!
About Mr. Brown intro is just sick....this has to become a staple, please.
Oh, also, got to meet Mr. DePizzo in the bathroom. No hand shaking. Told him his genes rule....then we got the MRRRR. DePIZZZZO chant going. Good dude. -JohnnyPoker August 17, 2009
has anyone else ever clapped that much at any o.a.r. show ever? -Jferro03 August 17, 2009
First time seeing the guys out of Ohio and I was glad to have seen them in the Garden. The energy in the place was unreal and by far greater than anything I have ever experienced at a concert. I would have preferred some more rarer songs thrown in there instead of some of the All Sides songs but I'm not going to complain.

I'm definitely not going to miss another show @ MSG.

Ps. dmbgreystreet05, I can't exactly remember Matt Nathanson's set but once you get it up on the archive and I can let you know the track names. -Jborders12 August 17, 2009
I seriously don't know if I can ever go to another OAR concert. This was the absolute, ultimate show. Not only the best OAR show I've been to, but one of the best concerts period that I've seen. Lots of old songs. About Mr. Brown was a sick opener. I'm not a big fan of Love and Memories, but the acoustic version was pretty dope. I loved that whole mini acoustic section of the show. The 3 person drum medley in the middle of Lay Down? UNBELIEVABLE!! Plus, I Feel Home is one of my all time favs. City On Down and Whose Chariot, both of which I had yet to see live, were phenomenal. My sister and I bought cheap seats upstairs and snuck down RIGHT IN FRONT OF WHERE JERRY CAME OUT!! We were literally 5 ft from him. And then not one, but two encores?? Fool in the Rain was a bonus I could never have expected and a rockin hard This Town and Poker to end encore 1. And then A Little Help From My Friends Joe Cocker style. What a perfect ending to a perfect show. Thank you, thank you, thank you OAR -nc879 August 17, 2009
Best night of my life. -eagles1431 August 17, 2009
First time seeing OAR and it was un-fucking-believable. I had heard they were great live and had extremely high expectations and I was still blown away. Plus I was like one section over from Jerry when he came out in the crowd during Whose Chariot. He is AWESOME
Matt Nathanson was way better than I expected too, loved the 80s sing-alongs. He's pretty funny too especially when he called out that one dude in the pink for not singing.
The setlist was everything I could have wanted. Loved all the guests and the acoustic set in the middle. Cannot wait until I get another chance to see them again, hopefully back at the garden soon! -danpowell2 August 17, 2009
I've always wanted to see the guys at MSG and this was the best show I've ever seen them play. Great night all around. Double encore was awesome, Chariot was insane (Jerry DePizzo is the MAN)
The guys have really come a long way in adding "show" to their concerts... everything was perfect! -AnnapolisOARfan August 17, 2009

Does anyone know if this will be put up on LIVE OAR?? -metboy518 August 17, 2009
5th time i saw them and by far the best they were unbelievable. perfect way to open the show with that new mr brown sick i had chills -no rain on our parade August 17, 2009
best damm show i ever seen. Die hard OAR fan... BETTER THAN 07' MSG SHOW!!!!. Untouchable setlist. I agree with NC879. I might never be able to go to another show again.... TO END IT "WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS"...OMFG..... My father went to woodstock 69' all he ever talked about was how it felt to see joe cocker up there signing that song. That was the closet i ever got to a woodstock experience. THANKS GUYS!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK..... -FeRReLLie August 18, 2009
WOW! What can be typed here that hasn’t already been said? What an incredible show this was. I work at a concert venue in NJ and have for 6 years, and have seen probably close to 200 concerts there and I have been to like 14 O.A.R. shows. But this show, O.A.R. at MSG on August 15, 2009, was hands down the best I have even seen. I swear I have never seen a band play as hard, or have such a great time doing it, as these guys did tonight. I took 200+ pictures of the show, and in almost every one, somebody is wearing an ear to ear smile.
I had great seats in section 4 row F and was 3 of my friends. We had great people and great energy all around us. We snagged some of the MSG posters (I love these posters and love the fact that O.A.R. is doing them for each show), a couple MSG shirts, and even got to talk to Rick before we went in. (So glad I finally found him and got to thank him in person for Bethel!). We even dropped off some old cell phone and got slinkys!
The set list was amazing, I Fell Home was great, I love the acoustic set, the transitions were flawless, the solos were strong, Jerry was all over the arena just killing it on the sax, Black Rock, City, War Song were all great… WOW!
The encore was like no other. Fool In The Rain with Robert Randolph?!?!? CRAZY!!! Then DJ Logic helped to give This Town a really fun new sound. Then we got to Poker, with confetti and all, just ended the night on such a powerful/fun high note… or so I thought.
The guys then came out again! With Logic, with Randolph, and now with Matt Nathanson to play With A Little Help!!! God damn that was great!!! What a concert!
It kills me I can’t make it out to the show in Philly, but in a way I still want to show to be tops in my head for a while.
Thank you to O.A.R. for all the hard work and energy you put into every show you do, especially at the Garden, to make sure us fans are having the best times of our lives! See you in AC on New Years Eve!!!
-CityOnDown1130 August 18, 2009
wow. wow. wow. wow.

My 10th show and by far the best. The setlist was amazing, the confetti was ridiculous, the venue is the best in the business, Jerry's solo in the CROWD was amazing. Randolph and DJ Logic were phenomenal guests, and you could just tell how much fun the entire band was having. This is something I will never forget. The best concert I have ever been to. Fool in the Rain stole the show for me. What a fun night.

Can't wait for that recording to pop up :-) -Cabby7588 August 18, 2009
Enough said from the above posts, but this was a great show! COD, Conquering fools, whose chariot were sick. Great venue and good production value. I liked the addition to poker and the screens were cool as hell. Saw Jerry walking in front of MSG earlier in the day. See you in Minny in September!!!! -Giggitygoo August 18, 2009
can we please get a fucking recording? this was the best concert i've ever been to in my life -dinnerlastnight August 18, 2009
amazing show..i cant wait till they comer back to jersey or new york...i wood go right now if they came -batandball10 August 18, 2009
This was my 9th show (been to all 3 at MSG) and I think it may have been the best! It was a 3 hour sing along and we never sat down. The accoustic set was SICK!!! Can't stop listening to Love and Memories. I truly hope that they come arond again this winter! -kngofthethng2 August 19, 2009
Incredible, incredible show. My only regret is they didn't play Whatever Happened, would have liked that instead of Something Coming Over, but this was a really fun night and the guys were into it. Wanted to hear fool in the Rain for a long time now and I was SO happy when they played it. -ItsPureLuck August 20, 2009
We love OAR <3
This concert was sweet.
I want a recording of Come Together, so if you got it, gimmie. Thanks =)

Love, Hercs. -hercules August 23, 2009