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Album Stats
All Sides: 29%
Souls Aflame: 24%
The Wanderer: 18%
In Between Now and Then: 12%
Stories Of A Stranger: 6%
Any Time Now: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 37.74%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Kool Haus 09.05.2009 - Toronto, ON, Canada With: Brett Dennen
  1. Set 1:
    1. Revisited
    2. Night Shift
    3. Untitled
    4. Black Rock
    5. Dinner Last Night
    6. Dareh Meyod
    7. Something Coming Over
    8. Destination
    9. City on Down
    10. What Is Mine
    11. About Mr. Brown
    12. Lay Down
    13. This Town
    14. Hey Girl
  2. Encore:
    1. The Obvious Child ~
    2. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    3. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
~ with Brett Dennen on guitar and vocals.

Live O.A.R.

Reviews Great setlist. a lot of energy. didnt enjoy the crowd surfing and getting kicked in the head. but it happens at every concert. the band played great. the triangle solo was amazing as always. awesome way to end the tour. -iamaw30 September 7, 2009
yo yo yo greattt show! i kept screaming for them to play on top the cage or something just really really old but i mean i got untitled which was mo nice! buttt other than that the show was so much fun had so much dancing room, i had 2 bros making fun of the way i danced but i called them out haha they left about 30 seconds after! loll and before the show walking down the street i ran into derrick jeter from the yankess which was pretty darn cool but go oar! give me old shit though alll old shit!!!!!!!!!!! oh and please someone post the show!! i wanna hear -leastloaded27 September 8, 2009
Great show. Nice venue. Loved having "Revisited" to open the show and having the whole Dennen band out for "The Obvious Child" was nice too. -trabs1127 October 27, 2009