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Album Stats
In Between Now and Then: 29%
The Wanderer: 24%
Souls Aflame: 18%
All Sides: 12%
King: 6%
Stories Of A Stranger: 6%
Risen: 6%

Show Rarity: 42.42%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Meadow Brook Music Festival 07.18.2010 - Rochester Hills, MI With: Citizen Cope
  1. Set 1:
    1. Untitled
    2. Hey Girl
    3. About an Hour Ago
    4. Whose Chariot?
    5. Love and Memories
    6. Here's to You
    7. Dareh Meyod
    8. This Town
    9. Coalminer
    10. Anyway *
    11. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    12. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    13. Mr. Moon ->
    14. About Mr. Brown
  2. Encore:
    1. Over and Over ~
    2. Black Rock (What I Am Tag)
    3. City on Down
~ Marc solo with MikelParis on keys.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with the "Facemelter" on guitar.

Live O.A.R.

Reviews After six years of yelling for it at every concert we went to, they finally played "Coalminer". Who knew it would just take my buddy's fiance pestering the guys in Chicago's VIP tent and my buddy blowing up their Twitter profiles in order for us to hear it haha. Marc even pointed to us as he said, "This one comes by request". Awesome show...I love when Facemelter comes out for "Anyway". It's a great Detroit tradition (I wish Tamborine Ninja would have made his appearance though). My mom was excited for "Mr. Moon" as that is her favorite song. Another great show and summer. I'm not quite sure what we will yell now that we got what we've always wanted! -SailAway July 19, 2010
What a great show. Every year they play a great set here. Crowd had good energy and it seemed like the guys had a good time. I got VIP passes and it was worth every penny. The guys took pictures and signed a bunch of stuff. Shows their true dedication to the fans. Can't wait for next summer! -rightontime88 July 19, 2010
An O.A.R. concert is an experience. The energy from the crowd and the band makes it a great time. They played all the songs I was hoping for minus one. Coal Miner, which I'll admit I have never heard it but was awesome. Being played because of a fan request I thought was very cool. 6th row seats I pulled off Ticketmaster made it fantastic. I'd highly suggest buying this show off the Live OAR site. Well worth the $10. -TMoore4075 July 19, 2010
It was awesome as always. Met some really cool folks in the VIP. I can vouch for SailAway as his mom gave Marc a friendly ribbing about Coalminer and he said they were playing it. I had a great time and I am already downloading the show to relive it. -psychade July 19, 2010