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Album Stats
Souls Aflame: 18%
The Wanderer: 18%
King: 12%
All Sides: 12%
Stories Of A Stranger: 12%
In Between Now and Then: 12%
Risen: 12%
Unreleased: 6%

Show Rarity: 40.68%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Summerfest 07.06.2011 - Milwaukee, WI With: Festival Lineup
  1. Set 1:
    1. Here's to You *
    2. Dareh Meyod *
    3. Get Away (Fast)
    4. So Moved On
    5. This Town *
    6. Whose Chariot? *
    7. Light Switch Sky *
    8. Taking on the World Today *
    9. Delicate Few *
    10. Lay Down (Get By Tag) *
    11. Heaven *
    12. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker *
    13. 52-50 *
    14. Night Shift *
    15. About an Hour Ago *
  2. Encore:
    1. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    2. Hey Girl *
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Evan Oberla on trombone and vocals.
* with Jon Lampley on trumpet and vocals.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Started the night off right with Here's To You and a few other old ones. Get Away and So Moved On were great back to back and probably was the highlight of the show for me! The band played over 20 minutes over their scheduled time of 11:45. There was very little breaks between songs and Marc didn't say anything to the crowd until about the 5th or 6th song. New songs were alright I liked Heaven better than Taking On The World Today personally. The crowd was better than expected for a Summerfest show and overall, the show highly exceeded my expectations. -mtjacobson564 July 7, 2011
Jerry killed it tonight and the horn section added a lot to the sound. There was so much energy throughout the night and you could tell the band loved the huge crowd. 52-50 was probably the best I've ever heard it and the new section in Lay Down is sic. All in all, a very good show. Can't wait for the next one. -City_On_Down July 7, 2011