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Album Stats
King: 21%
Souls Aflame: 16%
The Wanderer: 16%
All Sides: 11%
Stories Of A Stranger: 11%
In Between Now and Then: 11%
Risen: 11%
Any Time Now: 5%

Show Rarity: 40.68%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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House Of Blues 06.24.2011 - Atlantic City, NJ With: none
  1. Set 1:
    1. King * $
    2. Night Shift *
    3. About Mr. Brown
    4. Love and Memories
    5. King of the Thing
    6. Destination (Fire on the Mountain Tag)
    7. Anyway
    8. Road Outside Columbus *
    9. Lay Down (Get By Tag) *
    10. Taking on the World Today *
    11. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker *
    12. Over and Over ~
    13. This Town * $
    14. Delicate Few *
    15. Get Away
  2. Encore:
    1. Heaven *
    2. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    3. I Feel Home &
    4. Hey Girl *
~ Marc solo with MikelParis on keys.
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Evan Oberla on trombone and vocals.
* with Jon Lampley on trumpet and vocals.
$ with DJ Logic on turntables.
First time Taking on the World Today was played.
First time King was played.

Live O.A.R.

Reviews Another fine show by OAR. The inclusion of brass was a new twist and gave some familiar songs a different spin. My buddy noted that there appeared a lack of tightness in the set, with Marc appearing to want to do something and then relinquishing by going into something else. I actually enjoy that type of spontaneity. As I have noted in previous reviews of shows, there is always a contingent of the crowd that zones out with older songs, but it was not as bad as Penns Landing in July 2010. A couple of idiots were doing a lot of pushing that almost led to a fight (about five rows from stage). HOB is always a good venue to catch the band play. -puddah June 27, 2011
I don't know if it was that I hadn't seen O.A.R. in two years....that I hadn't seen O.A.R. in this part of the country in 5 years....that I hadn't been to the H.O.B. Atlantic City in 5 years....that it was the extra adrenaline from being at a music festival all day and then seeing another full show starting at midnight.....perhaps a combination of all, but this has to rank up there as one of the best all time O.A.R. shows I have ever seen. It was pure fun right from the beginning. Tremendous setlist. I was more than a little shocked to see not one but three horn players walk out, but really....they stole the show. I loved how they danced in synch the whole time (very 1950's) and they quickly grew on me. Way quicker than Michael Paris ever did. I think the extra horns are a really great addition to the live show, and hopefully, the band. But Jerry still had his moments to shine alone, too. I loved this show from start to finish. The crowd was excellent, and the new songs were really awesome to hear 6 weeks before the album is out. I just had an absolute blast. My only small negative is the sound was at times tough to hear on the floor not being all the way up front, but it wasn't horrible and did not diminish this fun night in any way. Thumbs way up. -sweartoyoutrue June 30, 2011