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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 29%
Stories Of A Stranger: 14%
In Between Now and Then: 14%
Souls Aflame: 14%
Cover Songs: 14%
Any Time Now: 7%
Risen: 7%

Show Rarity: 37.76%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Koka Booth Amphitheatre At Regency Park 08.13.2004 - Cary, NC With: Howie Day / Graham Colton Band
  1. Set 1:
    1. About Mr. Brown
    2. About an Hour Ago
    3. Hey Girl (Date Intro / Hush Little Baby Outro) #
    4. Sunday Bloody Sunday $
    5. Lay Down
    6. City on Down
    7. Right on Time
    8. Nasim Joon & ^ *
    9. Black Rock
    10. Destination (Fire on the Mountain Tag)
    11. Delicate Few
    12. Anyway %
  2. Encore:
    1. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker ^ ->
    2. No Woman No Cry (So Lonely Outro) ^
& Marc and Richard.
# with Drew Nichols on guitar.
$ with Graham Colton vocals.
^ with Laurie Jenkins on percussion.
* with Jeremy Curtis on bass.
% with Les Hall on guitar.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Great show, despite the rivers flowing through the lawn... I was very pleased with the setlist, compared to the others on the tour. At points, I thought the music wasn't quite loud enough, but there were only a few such occasions. I didn't like that TWACGOP was cut short due to the transition into No Woman No Cry, and I guess that's my biggest complaint about the show. Other than that, the set was great, and I enjoyed myself. -James816AM August 14, 2004
My first show! It rained so hard! Rain or shine the show will go on and the fans stuck it out! I was seriously standing in a flowing river! It was awesome! My favorite song on the night was Crazy Game of Poker, I never wanted it to end! Can't wait to go to another show! -osubuckeye August 16, 2004
THE SHOW WAS OFF THE CHAIN!!! the flooded lawn made it even better! the entire setlist sounded awesome and every show i go to keeps getting better and better. and sorry to fans of howie day but he sucks bigtime -oarfaninNC August 16, 2004
In a word: Epic. Though there was a downpour from ole Hurricane Alex, it didn't rain on that parade. Everybody in the croud was super upbeat. Yes, we had to take some for the team, but that was how the cookie crumbled when you were under the fellowship of the tarp. This was my first concert and hopefully not my last. -BadgerOAR22 August 25, 2004
This was probably the funnest concert I've ever been to despite the rain. I would definitly deal with the rain again to see a show like this. I met some awesome people there too. Had some good memories of people taking them for the team and bonding the fellowship rain tarps over our heads. -DunnOAR11 August 25, 2004
show was incredible, the rain only made it better, but since it was outside, the rain didnt stop to let graham colton band to play, wouldve liked to see them, but awesome show all around -sls64wfr September 6, 2004
Great show despite the rain. -cable501 September 7, 2004
It was nice to see the guys out doors for a change. The show was great, I wish that they had cut Howie Day's set instead of cutting Graham Colton's set. The only bad part of the show was the fact that the mud stole my sandals -uncgoar September 16, 2004