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One Day > guitar

transcribed by mkrcc12



e ---3------3------3------3----------
B ---3------3------3------3----------
G ---0------2------0------2----------
D ---0------0------2------0----------
A ---2------0------2------0----------
E ---3------2------0------2----------

This is the rhythm from what I gathered at the DeepRockDrive performance.

just listen for the rhythm and play those chords over and over

for the entire song.


there are four chords in the bridge

listen for the rhythm i believe they

are in this order...

     C      G     Em      D
e ---0------3------0------2----------
B ---1------3------0------3----------
G ---0------0------0------2----------
D ---2------0------2------0----------
A ---3------0------2------0----------
E ---x------3------0------x----------