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Fox Theatre 11.10.2005 - St. Louis, MO With: Michael Tolcher > 13 users have this source

billyz20Ed PaffSBD2 CDR8
BradDarbyEd PaffSBD2 CDR10greatest show i've seen/heard rock and delicate few are fantastic
crzygameopoker87Ed PaffSBD2 MP310Most amazing show I have ever seen... from the bouncing balcony to the sweet setlist to the great sound quality, this is a must have for EVERYONE!
DelicateFew77Ed PaffSBD MP39
DestinationSTLEd PaffSBD2 CDR-
Grimmace19Ed PaffSBD2 MP39
jmanionEd PaffSBD 9
nickvoss72Ed PaffSBD2 10
oarfandyEd PaffSBD2 FLAC10Best show of the year.
OarfanmanEd PaffSBD2 CDR10Amazing show. Great one to have. Amazing setlist and great sound quality.
oldmatimeEd PaffSBD2 MP310
Stir It Up07Ed PaffSBD -
tmohsEd PaffSBD2 CDR8Great set...amazing shiznow. Glad to see o.a.r. play such a nice venue.