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PNC Bank Arts Center 08.11.2006 - Holmdel, NJ With: Jack's Mannequin > 7 users have this source

bushmaster86Nathan AckerSBD2 MP39
gprestonNathan AckerSBD2 MP39Very good quality recording. Converted to MP3 and already on my iPod.
kevinsharkeyNathan AckerSBD -
parrotislaNathan AckerSBD -
robcoloneyNathan AckerSBD2 CDR8
scottdmboarNathan AckerSBD2 MP38I can send you this online if you have aim!
SoMovedOn2010Nathan AckerSBD2 MP39Good Recording, if you have a program to make the volume louder, it makes it amazing. Thats all you need to do to make it perfect. Sound quality is real good.