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Uptown Theater 11.16.2002 - Kansas City, MO With: Matt Nathanson > 12 users have this source

Bb0o3Timothy MausMix CDR-
cbren81Timothy MausMix1 CDR8I only have the first disc of two...
kevinsharkeyTimothy MausMix2 CDR-
kruschTimothy MausMix2 SHN-
lazytj20Timothy MausMix -
lockwoodTimothy MausMix1 CDR10great job taping i wish i could have been at that show.
mez2Timothy MausMix2 CDR8
mlillyTimothy MausMix -
thebigWUTimothy MausMix2 SHN-
thewarehouse41Timothy MausMix2 CDR10
timmy2bTimothy MausMix2 CDR-
TimothyTimothy MausMix2 SHN10Still by far the best tape I've ever made.