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Orpheum Theatre 02.12.2004 - Boston, MA With: Robert Randolph & The Family Band / Toothpick > 17 users have this source

1ofthedelicatefewDerek GilbertMix2 CDR10Have SHN's too
bigfnstar3Derek GilbertMix2 CDR8
center4499Derek GilbertMix2 CDR9
DestinationSTLDerek GilbertMix2 CDR-
hurricanechild2000Derek GilbertMix2 CDR10
JasonScherrerDerek GilbertMix2 CDR-
jmpga4Derek GilbertMix2 CDR10
kevinsharkeyDerek GilbertMix2 CDR-Best Fool In The Rain ever
King of the ThingDerek GilbertMix2 MP39DO NOT DISTRIBUTE MP3'S
kruschDerek GilbertMix2 SHN-
mlillyDerek GilbertMix CDR-
noskillphilDerek GilbertMix2 MP37
OARgirlieDerek GilbertMix2 CDR-
shanerockeyDerek GilbertMix CDR-
soccerkidDerek GilbertMix CDR-
TyDerek GilbertMix CDR-
YankeesSuck8887Derek GilbertMix2 CDR9Great show for a shortened setlist. "So Moved On," "Risen," and "Fool in the Rain" are the best.