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PromoWest Pavilion 05.18.2002 - Columbus, OH With: Ordinary Peoples / Max Power Trio > 14 users have this show

91StealthESMike SarnovskyAUD DAT-Just found my Mini Disk of this show...SBD
Bb0o3Mike SarnovskyAUD CDR-
jamesondrunkMike SarnovskyAUD2 MP37
jcristiaMike SarnovskyAUD CDR-
kevinsharkeyMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR-
kruschMike SarnovskyAUD2 SHN-
lazytj20Mike SarnovskyAUD -
OARgirlieMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR-26 min. Poker
PitcockMike SarnovskyAUD CDR-
salkyMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR10amazing show, junior marvin comes on at one point at freestyles - one of the best O.A.R. shows i have ever listened to
shanerockeyMike SarnovskyAUD CDR-
shanerockeyMichael FriesSBD CDR-
StigsMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR-
trgc_ragboyMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR-