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Best Of 2002 12.31.2002 - Anytown, USA With: none > 22 users have this show

Bb0o3Multiple TapersOther CDR-
bgatkinsonMultiple TapersOther5 CDR10
calerustadMultiple TapersOther5 CDR10
CorinnaOARMultiple TapersOther5 CDR9some songs are great quality and some are not as good. there are only 2 where you have to turn it up pretty loud.
CrzyOAR24Multiple TapersOther4 CDR-
duke20220Multiple TapersOther5 CDR10It's b2k2, end of story.
hockeman4Multiple TapersOther5 CDR-
jcristiaMultiple TapersOther CDR-
jdh263Multiple TapersOther5 CDR10
jennie3891Multiple TapersOther5 CDR-
kevinsharkeyMultiple TapersOther 10
kruschMultiple TapersOther5 SHN-
LifesMoreDelicateFewMultiple TapersOther5 CDR9
nieds05Multiple TapersOther5 CDR8
OARgirlieMultiple TapersOther5 CDR-
ScottyGuyOARMultiple TapersOther5 CDR10Amazing. A must have for any OAR fan.
SilverStoneMusicMultiple TapersOther5 CDR10
StigsMultiple TapersOther5 CDR-
trgc_ragboyMultiple TapersOther1 CDR-
weebaMultiple TapersOther -
wickedsteve1Multiple TapersOther5 CDR-
willson486Multiple TapersOther5 CDR10great stuff!!!