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Ryman Auditorium 08.21.2004 - Nashville, TN With: Howie Day / Ingram Hill > 12 users have this show

delicatefewinndRoger BlantonSBD -
dmbgreystreet05Roger BlantonSBD2 MP310EXCELLENT SHOW...wasnt there BUT quality is awesome AND I DOWN RIGHT LOVE the Gabe Dixon solo during Mr Moon. Gabe Dixon is nasty...great skill. I wouldnt be surprised and would love to see Dixon join OAR. Keyboards would be a HOT addition to the OAR sound. : )
flydaze23Roger BlantonSBD2 CDR7
Jeffair728Roger BlantonSBD2 CDR9
kruschRoger BlantonSBD2 FLAC-
mlillyRoger BlantonSBD -
MsuDU19Roger BlantonSBD1 FLAC8
NavyBoy41Roger BlantonSBD2 CDR9It's a soundboard, but there's a drop out during the first track that lasts about a minute and a half or so. the rest of the show is perfect...
phikappsi250Roger BlantonSBD2 CDR9
The StrangerRoger BlantonSBD2 MP36
thebigWURoger BlantonSBD2 FLAC-
VolZas22Roger BlantonSBD2 CDR7