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psx's profile
real name: Tom
location: Chicago,IL
im: AOL - blgod6 name: RevolutionaryNugget
non-oarsa list:
trading status: Open For Trades
trading rules: i will send B&P's to whoever, let me know what yea need. No need to send anything back.

psx has 4 shows
2004-10-31PromoWest Pavilion
Columbus, OH
Jeff ReifschneiderAUD2 SHN7not too bad, wait for the soundboard :) But until then, it works
2004-07-10New City YMCA
Chicago, IL
Joe DiDiaAUD2 CDR8not too bad.
2004-06-18Tweeter Center
Tinley Park, IL
Mike SarnovskyAUD1 SHN8Was a good recording, i'm enjoying it. Makes my ears happy :)
2004-02-24House Of Blues
Chicago, IL
Tom PacykSBD2 CDR10Awesome SBD recording... One of my favorites!!!

psx wants 0 shows