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real name: Geoff
location: New York
email: email not public
im: AOL - PiebaldSkiier name:
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trading status: Open For Trades
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freestyleyanks has 3 shows
2006-03-24Mansfield University - Decker Gym
Mansfield, PA
Nathan AckerMix2 CDR8Good quality, crowd isn't really into it. I also have Virginia Coalition as the opener
2006-02-04Main Street Armory
Rochester, NY
Nathan AckerSBD2 CDR9Sounboard quality recorded by Nate. I have their opener, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers as well. AIM - PiebaldSkiier
2005-11-18War Memorial At Oncenter
Syracuse, NY
Nathan AckerSBD2 CDR9Sweet show, awesome 59th Street Bridge Song, good quality (soundboarded)

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