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New CD - All Sides
04.24.2008 | posted by edpaffjr
Here's some news on the new CD from a post Marc made on
We just finished a show in Kentucky and wanted to take this chance to catch you all up on what is going on with the new record before we let anyone else know tomorrow. In October we all moved out to Los Angeles to begin pre production on the record. We spent a few weeks reworking old songs and writing new ones. These were the best days in so many ways. Taking the time to map out what we wanted to do before we hit record was the best way to make an album. It was like being in the early years of this band. Hanging around writing songs together for nothing more than the pure enjoyment of being in a band. By the time November rolled around we were ready to go. Matt Wallace produced the record and we must thank him for seeing our vision and allowing us to be ourselves. That's really what this experience was all about. Getting on tape what we love to do in the most honest way we know how. And Matt provided the perfect atmosphere for us to create. The record is called All Sides and we are so proud of it. It comes out July 15th and we are excited for you to hear what we have been working on this past couple years.

We also want to let you know we are trying to get some of the tracks out early. Through Ticketmaster you can get a couple of the tracks right away and another one a month before the record is released. If you buy two tickets to the summer tour there is an option to buy the record which will be delivered a day before the release date as well. Just trying to get this thing out there.

Anyway, we wanted to wait to talk about the album until we had all the details worked out. It has been killing us. We want nothing more than to share this album with you. It was a true labor of love.

Thanks as always for your support. It means the world to us. See you this summer. Be good.
Click here for more information on the free tracks from Ticketmaster.