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Live Video Chat
04.25.2008 | posted by edpaffjr
If you'd like to talk to the band about the new album and hear their thoughts, in their own words, totally unfiltered, make sure to check out their live video chat on the band's MySpace page at 6 PM ET today, Friday, April 25th. In addition, the new tracks "This Town" and "What Is Mine" will be posted to the band's website and MySpace page within the next 24 hours so make sure to go there and check them out.

Update: If you aren't buying tickets for the tour on Ticketmaster, or have already bought tickets via MusicToday pre-sale, you can pre-order the album for digital download here. This will allow you to download both "This Town" and "What Is Mine" immediately, along with the other promotions received with the Ticketmaster orders.