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Heard The World Charity Contest
11.24.2008 | posted by edpaffjr
As the holidays roll in we are excited to announce this year's Heard The World Charity Contest. Last year's contest inspired so many people to help in their communities and abroad and we are thankful to everyone who participated.

For this year's contest we want to shine a light on the non-profit organizations that do so much to make a difference in our world. If you know of a non-profit charity organization whose efforts you feel deserve extra recognition this holiday season, please email us and tell us all about them. Of the entries we receive we will select the top three most deserving and reward both the non-profit organization as well as the person who submitted the information to us.

The top pick will receive 4 tickets and a meet and greet with the band at a show of their choosing in 2009. Plus, the Heard The World Fund will donate $5,000 to the organization. The second entry selected will be awarded 2 tickets to a show of the person's choosing in 2009 and $2,500 for the organization they shined the light on. The third selection will win $1,500 towards the non-profit organization they informed us about and a signed copy of the band's newest album, All Sides. To further honor those who are involved, we will be donating $700 to the Children's Scholarship Fund in each organization's name, which will provide one child a year of schooling.

Submit your entry via email to with the following info: "CONTEST" should be written in the subject line. Make sure to include a website link and contact information for the organization. Write a brief description of why the organization deserves more recognition this year. Explain what sets them apart from others in their efforts and how their efforts have inspired you in your life.

All entries are due no later than December 10, 2008. Please help us Shine A Light on Non-Profits this holiday season!