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Twitter Co-Write Contest
06.09.2009 | posted by edpaffjr
Hey Twittergeeks! O.A.R. wants to write a song with you! If you want to be a part of the very first Twitter Co-Write with O.A.R., all you have to do is put together your finest 140 characters of lyrical genius, go to and send 'em on in.

O.A.R. band members will read through all of the entries and pick 3 winning verses, a chorus, and a bridge that will make up the lyrics of the song. O.A.R. will write music inspired by the selected lyrics, record the song, and sell the single on iTunes. ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to the Heard the World Fund which provides resources for under-funded educational and youth oriented programs such as the Children's Scholarship Fund.

Lyrical entries will be Accepted between June 8 and July 7. Winners will be Selected and Announced on July 21.

Rules and additional details here.