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"Light Switch Sky" Release
06.10.2010 | posted by edpaffjr
Last June, O.A.R. asked you to help them write a song by submitting lyrics via twitter. After collecting submissions for 10 days on the @ofarevolution twitter page and much deliberation, the band chose 6 overall winners - 5 lyrical contributions, and one song title, "Light Switch Sky". The band created the music for "Light Switch Sky" using the lyrics as their driving inspiration. They recorded the writing sessions and shared them with you on their YouTube page.

We are proud to announce that "Light Switch Sky" will be available for purchase at for just $0.99. All proceeds from the tracks purchased through July, 22nd 2010 will be donated to Paralyzed Veterans of America, an organization that works to maximize the quality of life for Veterans suffering from Spinal Cord Injury or Dysfunction (SCI/D). Paralyzed Veterans of America is a leading advocate for SCI/D research and education and veterans' benefits and disability rights.

We'd like to again thank everyone who took part in this one of a kind contest, and especially the 6 winners - Thomas Hiro, Nick Heineman, Samuel Waters, Marian Tuin, Carrie Stroud and Brian Krupa.