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Dirty Hippies on VH1
12.08.2004 | posted by edpaffjr
Don't forget to tune into VH1 tonight at 10/9c PM to see Marc and Chris on the series My Coolest Years.

About The Episode:
You know altogether too much about Guatemalan fashion, applecore pipes, Phish, and scabies. There was at least one year of your life when you smoked weed every day. The words Patchouli, Parking Lots, and Playing in drum circles actually mean something to you. On tour or trippin out, what's the journey you took while in the culture of peace and love? Grab your Birks, find your tie-dye, and maybe wash up (?), before you tell us about those high school days as a Hippie.

You missed Woodstock by twenty years, but that didn't stop you from taking in a tour with the Dead. So how did the haze of dancing bears and dread locks, stand up to the reality of high school hierarchy and your folks? Grab some munchies, cause it time to scrape the resin of your memory man...ya dig?