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Even More Details
06.28.2005 | posted by edpaffjr
In the latest issue of Relix Magazine there is some additional information on the next CD in the "Fall Preview" section:
Going into the studio with former Talking Head Jerry Harrison, the band is determined to deliver a album that once and for all stops the college-rock comments. 'It makes the last album look like a demo,' says manager Dave Roberge, indicating that out of the 20 tracks recorded, 12 or so will make it. Rock again meets reggae with big guitars and the help of funk-master Bernie Worrel on seven tracks. The band had also done some co-writing with Jeff Trott, Peter Zizzo, and Glen Ballard. KEY SONGS: 'Love and Memories' 'Something Coming Over' 'Lay Down' 'The Stranger' 'Program Director'
Thanks to Stigs for the tip.