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About was founded by Ed Paff in the early months of 2000 after he found it hard to get O.A.R. setlists and live recording track lists. The site was originally run from free hosting services with addresses like Naturally, the site was continuously growing and eventually it got too big for free hosting services, so for quite some time it would be hosted from Ed's personal computer. The domain name was launched on June 27, 2001 as an easier way to access the site.

Beginning in late 2003, work began on the first major update of The site was taking too much time to manually update, so Jay Klauminzer was added to the team to provide database development. Jay, the owner of (an O.A.R. live music download site) and (a Jason Mraz fan site), decided that many of the features of could be used and improved upon. In addition, Jay was kind enough to donate space on a server for the site to be hosted. It was decided at this time that would be merged into

Work on the layout began, and soon Carrie Elisabeth and Tom Pacyk were contacted to help with the design. Carrie was responsible for the layout of (the Official O.A.R. Message Board) along with numerous other sites. Tom was responsible for (an O.A.R. lyric site) and numerous other sites as well. The two of them worked with a few original ideas Ed had come up with to design the layout of the site. It was decided at this time that would be merged into as well, adding even more functionality.

This entire process did take some time, but in the end it was well worth it. v2.0 was released to the public on July 9, 2004. Welcome to as it exists today!

Founder / Webmaster
Ed Paff

Database Design / Programming
Jay Klauminzer

Site Design
Carrie Elisabeth

Site Design / Lyric Admin
Tom Pacyk

Heatmaps & API
Wil Kirwan

Tablature Admin
Jason Scherrer