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Album name: All Sides
Release date: July 15, 2008

For lead man Marc Roberge, The recording process of the band's sixth studio CD, "All Sides," began with a drive across the country with his wife and their dogs. After more than a decade of crossing this country's highways, O.A.R.'s experiences have prepared them for the release of this mature and diverse collection of songs. Lessons from the road and countless performances have influenced the band's state of mind. No one experience influenced the band's approach to the project more than that of their trip with the USO to the middle east where they performed for U.S. Troops and witnessed the war zones first hand. "Right now, on this day, 'All Sides' represents where we are as a band and how far we have come," Roberge says. "It makes me love playing music for a living, writing songs, and driving across the country with my best friends."

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Track Listing
1.This Town [lyrics]
2.Shattered (Turn the Car Around) [lyrics]
3.Whatever Happened [lyrics]
4.Try Me [lyrics]
5.One Day [lyrics]
6.Living in the End [lyrics]
7.Something Coming Over [lyrics]
8.What Is Mine [lyrics]
9.Dinner Last Night [lyrics]
10.The Fallout [lyrics]
11.Gift [lyrics]
12.War Song [lyrics]
13.On My Way [lyrics]
All Sides