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Album details
Album name: King
Release date: August 2, 2011

O.A.R.'s Wind-up Records debut album, King, marks a new beginning for the band, while also paying homage to their past. It is the seventh studio effort in a career that began with their high school recording, The Wanderer. Bringing back the title character from their first album, O.A.R. takes the listener on a journey to discover that what the Wanderer, and the band members themselves, had been searching for all along, was there from the beginning. As the closing song on the new disc states, a return "Back to One."

Tracks 7, 10, and 13 are interludes of just over 1 minute each. Tracks 17-20 are included on the deluxe edition with a DVD.

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Track Listing
1.King [lyrics]
2.Taking on the World Today [lyrics]
3.Not for Me [lyrics]
4.Heaven [lyrics]
5.Are You Low? [lyrics]
6.Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes [lyrics]
7.We Made It
8.The Last Time [lyrics]
9.Fire [lyrics]
10.Brand New
11.Gotta Live [lyrics]
12.Dangerous Connection [lyrics]
13.Wicked Storm
14.Almost Easy [lyrics]
15.Over and Over [lyrics]
16.Back to One [lyrics]
17.World Like That [lyrics]
18.Heavy Heart [lyrics]
19.Give Me Something [lyrics]
20.Irish Rose