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Album name: The Rockville LP
Release date: June 10, 2014

This year I spent the Thanksgiving holiday week back home in Maryland with family and friends. And, for the first time since high school, I was completely in the moment. Wholly present. Home.

I don't think over the last decade we've been able to put the brakes on for one second to take a look around, feel the cut of a fall night's wind roll through the pines, across your cheek, and tumble of down the street. It's hard to remember a trip home that wasn't pressed by hurry, rattled and fleeting. This time was different. It was real. Like it used to be.

I don't believe we're meant to stay in one place, stagnant, forever. It doesn't interest me at all the thought of never going on an adventure, never seeking change through experience. I think we fear leaving our nest into unfamiliar space because of some inherent pressure to stay so close to our roots. What we forget is that roots need us to explore, need us to find the sunlight and capture energy that's out of reach. So we go.

We came up writing songs about two worlds. The one right outside our front door, the one we knew, the one that was real. And then another, fictional, world laced with endless roads and curious characters we hoped would take us across the globe and back. And they did.

We spent years on these roads, in and out of towns, through shady groves, over the great mountains. Living out the stories we'd invented in the basement after school. We always felt something tugging at our sleeves to come home and check back in. Feel like it's time to get in the car, drive down the roads we were raised on and see what we find out about ourselves. The way you do when you're growing up, eyes wide. Completely present and clear.

We're not the same. Don't want to be. We are muddy branches on solid roots. That's what this album is. It's sitting on the driveway with the people you know, trading stories about the places you've been.

That's home to us.

That's Rockville, Maryland.

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Track Listing
1.Two Hands Up [lyrics]
2.We'll Pick Up Where We Left Off [lyrics]
3.Peace [lyrics]
4.The Element [lyrics]
5.Favorite Song [lyrics]
6.So Good So Far [lyrics]
7.The Architect [lyrics]
8.Place to Hide [lyrics]
9.Caroline the Wrecking Ball [lyrics]
10.I Will Find You [lyrics]
The Rockville LP