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Album details
Album name: The Mighty
Release date: March 29, 2019

"You can't call it The Mighty and not have it be great," frontman Marc Roberge tells Billboard. "To do that you have to take your time, and we had the benefit of bobbing and weaving in and out of the studio between tours and reflecting on song ideas and on chances we wanted to take without having to rush. I think that let us accomplish everything we wanted to."

The album title is inspired by a Richie Sambora introduction of the band before their 2015 performance at Red Rocks. The album is co-produced with Gregg Wattenberg, Jesse Fink, and Pom-Pom (Helen Pomeranz).

Track Listing
1.Knocking at Your Door [lyrics]
2.California [lyrics]
3.Free [lyrics]
4.Miss You All the Time [lyrics]
5.Oh My! [lyrics]
6.Turn It up Slow [lyrics]
7.All Because of You [lyrics]
8.Be Easy [lyrics]
9.Are You for Real? [lyrics]
10.Nantucket Is Gone [lyrics]
The Mighty