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Album details
Album name: Souls Aflame
Release date: April 9, 1999

Like The Wanderer, Souls Aflame was a live studio recording performed at the Gizmo Recording Company during the summer of 1998. The original version of this album had Earthward (Track 7) and Sail Away on it, but they were later removed. April 9, 1999 was the date of the CD release party at the Newport Music Hall and not necessarily the real release date for the CD. Souls Aflame was also re-released February 20, 2001 when Everfine signed a deal with Alternative Distribution Alliance.

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Track Listing
1.City on Down [lyrics]
2.Untitled [lyrics]
3.So Moved On [lyrics]
4.Night Shift [lyrics]
5.Ran Away to the Top of the World Today [lyrics]
6.On Top the Cage [lyrics]
7.The Wanderer [lyrics]
8.When Can I Go Home? [lyrics]
9.To Zion Goes I [lyrics]
10.Hey Girl [lyrics]
11.I Feel Home [lyrics]
Souls Aflame