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Album name: In Between Now and Then
Release date: May 27, 2003

Recorded during 2002 at Electric Lady Studios and The Magic Shop both in New York City, this album marks the band's first release on a major label, Lava Records. Along with it was the first single, Hey Girl, which made it's way into regular rotation on MTV2. Also released with initial cuts of the disc was a limited edition DVD with live versions of Revisited, Risen and That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker from a show at Irving Plaza the previous winter. The disc opens with "Now", a thunderous few seconds of intro into Dareh Meyod and closes with "Then".

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Track Listing
1.Dareh Meyod [lyrics]
2.Risen [lyrics]
3.Right on Time [lyrics]
4.Mr. Moon [lyrics]
5.Revisited [lyrics]
6.Hey Girl
7.James [lyrics]
8.Coalminer [lyrics]
9.Old Man Time [lyrics]
10.Anyway [lyrics]
11.Road Outside Columbus [lyrics]
12.Any Time Now [lyrics]
13.Whose Chariot? [lyrics]
In Between Now and Then