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Whose Chariot? > 02.07.2001

This one that we are about to play, jerry just came up with it,
we just wrote it, just now, 84 seconds ago,
its called 84 seconds ago, seriously, and its much deeper then that.

Well I am feeling lately, I'm out of control, but I lost it all,
well some times I'm broken down,
pick my wheels up and get it off of the ground,
and we go, we go, we're gone, gone…

Well I've rambled down roads in Uncle Johns Van,
I found myself rockin' baby cross the land,
this time I just know I'm out of control,
I've been a friend of the devil for a while,
I chill in Uncle John's cabin for a while,
and lately I just feel like I'm out of control,
and this song came about 84 seconds ago,
and since then well I've been out of control,
but I, I sometime relate my sins to the things that I was taught not to do,
those things that you taught me was not in the life style, except for you,
you told me don't cross the river you two,
so we just went in a boat made of wood,
came on back from Hollywood,
because out there my baby did not care,
the beautiful things that you told me was there, they were not,
and then I'm just dressed in black,
I've fallen back on my back once again, the point of attack,
caught me chilling by the river side,
old man time came out to push the hide,
me and him just sat around and had a swim,
this happened about 84 seconds ago.

I found myself in the cavern,
chilling in a basement in Northberg tavern,
we get down like this,
every once in while I've been known to crack a smile,
every twice in a while I've walked a mile,
the third time a while they've seen my smile and faded,
they told me don't cross the river cause over there
their going to tear you up and pull out your hair,
when we got there I could not believe it,
the people started singing getting down with the shit,
so we went down and took a guitar too,
I've got my 6 string humming what to do,
and then I broke out in a little old show,
and this all happened 84 seconds ago.

I've rambled on roads,
been with uncle johns van,
friend of the devil a while,
lost myself in the sky,
Lucy was up there with a diamond ring,
she saw me chilling with a wild thing,
and Louie Louie can sing his song,
and I just chilling with a baby gone,
we went on over that river they told me not to cross,
baby start to shiver,
me and old man time we gunna' do it now, forever,
we gunna' do a dance,
we thought this thing up a minute ago,
84 seconds before the show,
and next time we see you at a show
we wrote this shit 84 seconds ago.