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One Shot > Freestyles

taken from 10.31.2004

I will never get over you
I will never get over you
You can drink my water
You can come in my house and lye
But ill never get over you

Well I once knew you
But now I don’t
I was older then
I used to talk a lot
And now I wont
Ever get over you

My ship set sail
I’m gone
The water’s so blue
As blue goes
I’m kinda’ blue
But I got me something new
Its me brand new

I knew you once
Know you now
I loved you once
And I told you how
I felt this way so many time
And I wear your ring
and you wear mine
And we can roll along
through this love
The sun will guide us where we go
And I’m just rolling along these
hills of water in my sea of blue
And be brand new...