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taken from 08.15.2009

i could've sworn yous the one, the only one.
the one i wanna grow older, with yeah the one.
i mean i gave it all to you, i gave you every single dollar, every holler, everything that i knew.
i used to talk to the middle of the night, say my baby my baby everything gonna be alright.
and you would smile, with a grin, but did something burn within?
you, you had a plan. me i didn't have one.
you understood that it wasn't that long.
now me, i thought that these days would come and they would go and we'd grow old and never look back jack.
but then we did, you had to explain it to yourself like it's coming down falling like rain.
and me for me, i for i never knew, you could do it to me like you already do.
but i know, yeah i know yeah. i've been listening down to the streets.
and i know, i know. yeah what it's like to build a home.
and you like, you love, tell 'em all baby say hello
it's my life, my life, why can't you take me slow.
yeah.... baby slow, oooooo baby i know..........
i'm gonna take it slow.

taken from 08.15.2009

I know because it happened so quick, everything changed in an instant, you see I know cause it happened so quick, and everything changed in an instant, but I’m fine, I’m thankfully my life's just great I had to do what I had to do, now sooner or later you gotta, grow up quick you gotta stand up tall, that’s what you do, you see now I understand love to be one way but what, you see now I have not found love and it’s the only way I need it to be, you see now, I know what you did, I know how you did it, and I can’t believe you did, but here I come to sing this song, remind you one time that I’m so moved on and I know…

taken from 06.05.2009

Come on take it slow..
Yes, I know what you're doing.
I know what you did.
Everything that you done, it's pure.
Because it's you,
everything that you've seen
is something I've seen before.
You see this girl,
she had me wrapped up,
had me knocked out,
I could have sworn. I wasn't done, but I was out;
Could have never lived my days the way i want to..
She got me wrapped up,
she got me wrapped up..
But then I opened up my eyes one night
I saw this little love walking out my life.
I said goodbye!
I said goodbye!
I said goodbye
and then I turned on her,
cause baby don't have no plans.
She gotta take away my life and that's all she do,
but I'm not with it baby, I'm untitled.
I got no more of your stink on me.
You see now you, baby just you
got an attitude,
and you know you're so rude.
Baby gonna come back soon,
but don't be beat.
I'm gonna pull your things out,
both feet
I got this feeling and it won't subside,
that this woman is the worst in my life.
So I moved on,
picked a song,
I got to singin' and I'm so moved on.
I let her know
the end of the road
is comin' real quick and baby, baby, I know..I know.
Just take me slow..

taken from 04.29.2009

And I know, that you were serious about it,
cause you did it to me all those years ago.
Yeah I Know that you were serious about it cause you went right through it like its no damn problem,
and i cant, believe, you had it in your heart, to do what you did, man, right from the start,
I shoulda seen it, but I didn't now I do,
that's years gone by but baby look at you,
you're down low, I'm high, I'm high as can be,
I'm comin back for more baby cant you see,
but I will give you one chance lets have that love, lets give it a night, lets give it one love, so you come back for more it seems, I tell you one more time every thing i've seen,
and in the end, I know that it's gonna be true, I'm untitled baby so are you,
and here we are one more love, one more night, give it one try baby lets not fight,
gotta good feelin' inside my heart,
gotta get down on it,
and I know, I know,
I know-aha
to take it slow

taken from 06.16.2008

don't you know
do you like
don't you love
I coulda loved you, the way that you need me too
I coulda loved you
I coulda had you, the way that I wanted to
I coulda had you
I coulda broke it down, round for round
we coulda gone all night and get back, back to own
coulda had you and loved you and gave it to you good
but you never really had me and never really should
you ain't nothin' but nothin'
and nothin' is good
and I took my title right off me for good
and baby one day we will get it back strong
but wait till then and ill be so moved on